Mean Mommy school

To all you parents out there, primarily moms, but I’m sure dads can relate, as well.

I was commenting on another blogger’s site yesterday, A lot from Lydia.  She was talking about her kids pertaining to boredom.  How I could relate with my own children, who are now 10 and 12.  My 12-year-old has been severely afflicted lately with the “what-to-do” blues.

It doesn’t help matters because we are moving and several things are being packed and unavailable.  However, most source of entertainment is electronic anyway…such as t.v. (Netflix) and games on their tablet.

There are times these devices are unavailable because dad is performing some electrical work and doesn’t want to be electrocuted so things are off or no internet (dang him for safety precaution!):

I’m bored.  (Grab a board game and play with your brother/sister.)  You packed them away (oh, so I did.)

I’m hungry (you just ate.) That was a snack.  (No, a double cheeseburger is not a snack.)  But, I want something else (We can’t keep eating constantly.  We can’t afford it and you’re just bored. Or thirsty.  Drink some water.  Do something.)

Mean Mom certificateThere’s  nothing to do.  (go ride your bike before that’s taken to storage too.)  I already did.  (Then wash dishes, clean your room, READ)

You packed away my book (well, electricity is back on, so read on your tablet) 

It’s charging.  (I don’t know what to tell you, kid.  Your boredom is your problem.  Figure it out.  Do something.)

YOU’RE MEAN!  (Yes.  I am.  I went to ‘mean mommy’ school.  I studied hard.  Got a certificate and everything.  Maybe that’s what you should do – if your homework and projects are done, go study.  That means looking something over more than one time.  Go over it until you know it.)





16 thoughts on “Mean Mommy school

  1. My mother’s solution for boredom: Go clean your room!
    We quickly learned not to whine about boredom around her. It worked. It also worked for my kids.
    Another proud graduate of MMS!
    With special recognition for having them want to move out at 18 and never wanting to come back.

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  2. i graduated summa cum laude myself….at least that is what my two boys always told me. Personally I LIKED the school. the courses were interesting and helpful “how Not to kill you child, 101” was perhaps my favorite. Suze

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