I only follow Shifty Characters

What is this trend of not using uppercase letters to begin a sentence and never capitalizing the letter “I,” when referring to oneself?

i came across 3 blogs today this fine thursday and i could hardly stand to read their posts quickly exiting after reading the first two sentences.  i’mguessing they must be texting from their phone because as i’m typing now autocorrect continues to fix and i have to drive my point.

Annoying isn’t it?  Also, many of these posts have run on words without proper spacing and numbers are numerals, not in written format.  Minimal typos are acceptable, but really we should be using our spell checks.  Continually typing in the above format is really annoying.  (and a numeral occasionally is fine, but numbers frequently seem so Prince like, or the artist formerly known as Prince, if you look at all his lyrics written on the Purple Rain album. Nothing Compares 2 u.)

This is not to state your grammar has to be perfect.  We all make mistakes (some of those grammar rules are difficult to understand or remember) and some of us want to write more “conversationally,” than “essay” style.  Sometimes it’s fun to use slang, and occasionally we curse.  The trick is knowing when it’s too much.

Not capitalizing the I when referring to myself, just seems disrespectful to…me.   And if any of you listened to Aretha Franklin, she tells you to demand R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Respect yourself.  I’m not going to belittle myself with the lowercased I.  (ha, grammar humor!)

A tip to bloggers, if you want to increase your readership, don’t be too lazy to use your SHIFT key.  There are two on your keyboard (most typical keyboards)- one on the left and one on the right.  It’s also on the smart phones.  If you are too busy/too lazy to use the shift key, space bar, and spell out words (like the three-letter-word, ‘you’,) I’m too busy/too lazy to read or comment on your blog.  This style of writing is frowned on (by me anyway- I can’t speak for everyone) it’s like TYPING ALL IN CAPS AND SHOUTING AT EVERYONE.


i will see u alllater


22 thoughts on “I only follow Shifty Characters

  1. Excellent point. Unfortunately we have a whole generation of people coming up that don’t know or understand the rules. While cellphones are useful tools, when you spend the greater majority of your day on them talking to people you could just as easily go see, or gosh it’s a phone, speak to! You need speed and speed trumps spelling and all the skills that go with it. That lack of writing skill spills over into other areas of life.


    1. Well, use that for Tweets where you are limited (I think 40 characters) where it would be completely acceptable to shorten words as long as you’re communicating. (still should capitalize the I)

      Blogging, no. Blogging get on a keyboard at home or take the time on your phone to type. Otherwise, don’t waste my time. Not kidding, I pop onto a site and immediately leave when I see that garbage. I don’t have the patience to read through that mess and what if they are actually quite humorous and clever? I’d never be able to tell.

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    1. It goes well with Rock Star Prince. It was fun for his album and his thing.

      Pertaining to the general public, shortened words / play on words / acronyms are appropriate for texting and Twitter to shorten characters (as long as they are communicating), but when they don’t capitalize I, or the first word of a sentence (continually), and runon words, regardless of what social media they are using, makes them look like an idiot.

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    1. Only once…but that’s all it took. I still get headaches and the occasional spasm, but its given me character. When people see me walking down the street now, and suddenly I begin shaking while grabbing my head, they say; don’t worry he’s just the local color. Must be the pasty looking complexion that my face adopts during the attack.


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