Memory fades with age

Um…Um…that thing. You know.

Man, they weren’t lying.  I kid you not, seriously (for the life of me) CANNOT remember the names of (3) things.  There’s probably more, but these come up often and I struggle every time to properly identify.  I basically have given up:

Tablet – The kids’ electronic devices that I always identify as their IPAD.  That irritates my husband to no end.  So I quickly correct myself, to either “videos,”  “games,” or “thingy.”  Go get your game, honey.  It’s okay to watch your videos.  Don’t forget to bring your thingy and ensure it’s charged.  (okay, get your mind out of the gutter on that last one)

Scrambler – Six Flags Magic Mountain has a “carnival” ride section and this ride I always identify as, “Twizzler.”  We have season passes and the first couple of visits, no one knew what the heck ride I was referring to… and because my husband speaks “Sandi” – he was the first to realize what I meant.  I sometimes catch myself and revert to “I know it’s not Twizzler, but the Twisty thingy, slide-back-n-forther  Squishy, Mommy’s favorite ride as a kid.  You know, the carnival ride one.”  Everyone now knows Twizzler is synonymous with Scrambler.  I don’t even try anymore.

Van Halen – A band that I grew up listening to, this band name is always on the “tip-of-my-tongue,” but forever eludes me.  The brothers are from a neighboring city where I grew up.  My hubby and I often listen to Classic Rock radio, or flashback, which means there’s always a song that pops on and my 12-year-old son likes it.  “um rock band guys, from near the area I grew up,  What’s the name of that band again… Oh, David something.  They had great music videos on MTV.”  And sometimes, I’ll remember David Lee Roth, but not always.  Funny, I can recall other rock band names no problem, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Journey, Bon Jovi, Led Zepplin…all bands that are played on the same station, yet not Van Halen.  Nope.  Not once.

Weird.  It’s mainly these (3) things.

Do you have anything that for whatever crazy reason, you just cannot identify it properly? You know you don’t have the proper name, and seriously have to struggle to remember?  Sometimes you just give up, and call it what you call it- like Twizzler?



14 thoughts on “Memory fades with age

  1. I would forget Van Halen too. 70’s music drove me to the classical end of the dial.

    Forgetting the names of things doesn’t bother me, it’s forgeting to do things that my wife asks me to do that bothers her.

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