Miss me yet?

Get the joke?  Another name people call me.

Miss me yet?

Well, I miss me, the less-crazy version of me, that doesn’t have packing tape, and boxes surrounding her.  It’s not unusual for me to be a little zany from time to time… but I’m ready to check out & go to the funny farm… just so I can have a break from this insanity.  (Take these pills?  Okay, sure…lots of them, please.)

(Sigh,) I miss my blog.  I’m so brain dead, I don’t know if cleverness still lurks in the corners  (well, I thought I was clever) because I’m having little sleep, and I’ve inhaled so much “construction” dust from installed flooring that seems to still be settling 5 days later.  (ugh!)  Had to go buy a damn Swiffer and use daily.  (BTW, that thing is the best ‘cheap’ invention ever!)

(Sniff,) I miss my friends’ blogs.  I might be sneaking onto a couple  or few soon.  But, ssssh, I shouldn’t even be on here.  However, I’m taking a risk like that because I’m crazy, remember?  The condo is still quiet.  The boxes and tape know this, they are not calling to me (yet.)  The garage no longer has a wicked laugh daring me to enter and take or organize more things.

My husband said something terrible last night,  so awful, that I just can’t wrap the mind around it … he’s going to start painting our bedroom and things need to get out of there.  WHAT.  This is the only STAGING area I have and refuge.  We’re too scared to place anything on the new living room flooring for fear of scratching it, but we have to get our furniture out of the bedroom so new carpet can be installed.  And before new carpeting goes in, they want the room painted.

Don’t you feel sorry for me?  Well, I feel sorry for me.  I’ve asked this same question prior,

“Where the hell am I going to put everything in the meantime?”

Back when we had to remove everything from the livingroom/kitchen area, it was the beginning of this hell, and I had more brain juice and was fresher with ideas.  Now, as I mentioned earlier, I’m brain-dead.  And body is exhausted.  Although many things have gone to storage, there is still quite a pile remaining…Just where the heck is everything going to move?  We don’t want to put anything on our new kitchen countertops either.  (which apparently hasn’t stopped my hubby as he’s got crap all over them already!)


Well, the sun is trying to peek through the gray clouds, and kiddos have turned on the t.v., things are starting to wake and demand my attention.  I don’t want to…

Okay, gotta go!  See you…some day.



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