It’s all a bunch of crap


Crap, crap…just a bunch of crap.  Toss it all away, I say!

To all my grrs that I follow regularly and have been quiet lately on your blogs, I apologize.  I’m so damn busy packing boxes, upon boxes as my hubby is performing maintenance/upgrade on just one bathroom.  (we still have the rest of the condo)

AND after all that packing of bankers boxes and storing them into closets…guess what?  Our place still looked like crap.  It didn’t look like we had packed anything away…

We got a storage unit.  Thanks to a tip from our guy that we paid $200 to for painting our bathroom cabinets, he stores all his paint and equipment in a storage unit, and he told us to go in (not call) and get discounts.  Discounts are ALWAYS available unless it’s a nearly full storage place.  (so tip to you guys)  Also, go into several places and they will barter knowing you are shopping elsewhere, you can say, “well, this place is only charging this.”  Although we got 1 month free, and they will prorate when we leave, it’s still $125.00/month.  (ugh)

SO, we spent the last 3 days taking things to storage so we can paint.  YES, including the boxes I had hidden in closets.  Although very neat and organized, the realtor doesn’t want ANYTHING in the condo when we take photos, and have open house.  She said people are nosy and will open up doors and drawers.  (Guess I better ensure all our drug paraphernalia and sex toys are packed too.  And our murdering tools/plastic…where to put those whips and chains.)

CRAP.  So, up and down the stairs, up and down the stairs we went.  The majority of the boxes are out, more were created and moved out…things from garage were taken.  We’re starting to make an impact on a once empty storage unit.  We have sore bodies as proof work is being done.

We surveyed the condo last night, expecting it took look more depleted of items…CRAP, it f’in looks exactly the same!  Shit everywhere!  My husband stated,

“You know, I keep waiting for that turn in things where we can see improvement and that we have finally started to get somewhere…it’s not happening.  We have a short period of time to get everything out, paint all walls before the flooring guy comes.”

I feel like we are undoing each other’s work somewhere, and just spinning our wheels.  Ugh.  It’s unbelievable how much storage our 2 bedroom condo has and what we were able to pack into it over this past 11 years.  Then, we have to pay a lot to move this crap to another state.  Guess what.  That costs $$.  Like $6,000, if we do it ourselves, twice as much if we hire helpers.  Is the stuff in storage even worth that amount?  I wonder if we can just sell (get rid of) everything & buy some new furniture after we relocate?  Outside of washer/dryer, fridge and 3 mattresses, 1 bed frame, a mini recliner chair, and mini sofa…

I’m almost to that point of yelling,

“Just BURN it all  (the roof…the roof is on fire)… take the clothes on our back and a knap-sack and go.”

Hobo’s might be on to something.  Just sayin’.

So, I hopped on Wordpress to complain real quick, let you know we are well (sore and smell like Biofreeze  btw, the best stuff ever, buy it.) but okay.  My knees can’t easily go up and down our stairs constantly like they did 11 years ago.  Might need to look at getting a 1 level place, not bi-level.

Okay, will swing by your sites when I’m officially back to blogging.  Hugs and kisses.


15 thoughts on “It’s all a bunch of crap

  1. Yes — according to leading real-estate trade publications, many buyers are turned off by whips and chains lying around, so probably best to kick those under the bed, or something.

    Hope the move goes well. I don’t envy you.


  2. This is the longest that I have lived in any one place after time spent as a GI. we were always watching the amount of stuff we had due to weights limits imposed on each pay grade.


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