Stop looking for Santa in the sky – he’s got a different gig

On Christmas Eve, as we were driving home, there were radio reports of Santa being over New York.  Since we are in California, this got our 12-year-old son thinking.  He gave us a reasonable explanation about Santa. Very thought provoking:

“You see mom, there has to be a Santa in each state.  Helper Santas to the main Santa.  And not traveling by sky. He is using underground tunnels and that’s why we can’t see him. And Santa makes his stops by entering doors beneath people’s houses like the basement. See no magic is needed.”

I inquired if he meant like a subway, the sleigh is on rails and if so, that could be a very reasonable explanation. I asked if this was a theory discussed in class or something he came up with on his own.

“Yes, like a subway. I just thought of this on my own …except when people put out reindeer food, how would the reindeer eat it on the grass…even if they are on the roof? How do they get the food people sprinkle on the lawn?”

His younger sister jumped in, and said she knew the answer.  That they have a tube, no 5 tubes!  They SUCK it all up for later.  To which, my son deflated that suggestion by simply stating,

“You just got that from watching The Grinch.”

I agreed with my daughter, stating it made sense because, the reindeer can’t eat all that food, because they don’t have time to poop. They got to keep moving onto the next home or they will get off schedule.  Someone won’t get presents.  My son sighed, and was greatly irritated:

“Yes, they do eat it all because they need energy, mom.  To keep traveling.”

ReindeerOh, yeah, dummy me.  I quickly amended that by saying they do need breaks, at some point, and probably take a few minutes on the grass here and there.  Take a nibble, potty, and on their way.

We get home.  They had made cookies at the party, and immediately wanted to put out cookies for Santa.  I discouraged it a bit, by stating, Santa can’t possibly eat all the cookies all kiddos leave out around the world.  My daughter took this one:

“Yes, he does mom.  That’s why he has such a big belly.  He eats all the cookies.”       (like duh)

I warned them to not be surprised if he doesn’t eat them or only a portion.  That’s thousands of cookies in one night…can you even eat 1,000 cookies?

Wait, Don’t answer that.  This is not a challenge.



7 thoughts on “Stop looking for Santa in the sky – he’s got a different gig

  1. Well this all makes perfect sense to me. My kids wondered how there was a Santa everywhere we went, and yes I had to explain to them that they were “helpers” because Santa was just too busy at the North Pole getting ready for the holiday. Hope you had a wonderful holiday…I am just making some rounds of reading my favorite blogs. Happy New Year as well! 💌Trista

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    1. Yes, we have had this very same discussion with the Santas inside/outside the Walmarts, Malls, etc. A few years back, they realized some were Mexican, Asian, White, Black – Santas of all backgrounds making it obvious that they weren’t the same person. 🙂 I told them long ago those were “helpers” and that sometimes the real santa made an appearance, we just never knew when or where…most of the time he is at the North Pole supervising the elves. BUT all Santas reported everything (everything) to the main Santa. Santa is always watching and listening and you might be talking to him at the store.

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