Why can’t people remember my name?

Merry Christmas Card- wrong name

You know, I like to think my sense-of-humor is pretty decent.  I’m pretty much a wake up sun-shiny, positive, glass-is-full kinda gal.  I don’t really have to work at it, luckily comes to me fairly naturally.  I’m loud and loquacious.  Double LLs, baby!  I’m not forgettable, people will usually say, “Oh, yeah, her.”  That could be good, or bad… depending on if my “loudness,” affects them in a negative way.

I don’t have a unique name.  Back in the 70’s Sandy was a popular name for girl and boy.  My mom always thought the “Y” version was the male spelling.  Remember the show FLIPPER?  Bud was inseparable from this Dolphin, and Sandy was his older brother.  Anyway, my mom changed the “Y” to an “I.”  Seemed very unique that way, because I always had to correct my teachers on the spelling all through grade school.  Or if there was more than 1 Sandi, I was the one with the “I” and the other with a “Y” when returning our homework and tests.  My 6th grade teacher referred to me that way, “Sandi with an I, please answer this question.” (I loved that guy)

As I grew older, I realized, there were several people with the “I” version.  Not unique at all, and then Grease was released and all the boys would sing to me like Danny Zuko, Stranded at the Drivein…”Sandy, baby..I’m in misery.”

My name was getting worn out…until the mid 80’s.  Something else started to happen.  I guess I talk too fast, too loud or people’s listening skills are poor, or combination of it all:

Hey, Cindy (no, it’s Sandi, that’s okay) – got this for a while, and occasionally still do.  Sometimes those who know my mom, will call me Sue.  (that’s her name)  One of her friends thought it was funny, and nick-named me Sandi-Sue.  (thankfully, that didn’t catch on with others.)

But the one I get a lot over the phone, Nancy – left me confounded.  How does Sandi sound like Nancy?  Just because of the “EE” sound? And who names their kid Nancy any more?  Seriously, I have a cousin by that name, but never had I ever come across another Nancy in my 40+ years of life.  It’s not really common any more, so why does everyone on the phone assume I said, “Nancy?”


If I try to over enunciate I sound like a snake.  Ssss and ee.  Candy?  yeah.  Sounds good. There was a brief time in the 70’s people were naming their kids Candace and calling them Candy for short.  I think I’ve only known one person by that name in 3rd grade.  I think she later went by Candace.  By the way, around that time, the Candies shoes became popular to wear with name brand jeans (Candies with Sergio Valente, Jordache, or Bonjours)

Even in the blogging world, my friend Paul, had briefly forgotten my name in a post and I teased him mercilessly for it… yes, sorry bud to bring it up again… I forget people’s names too (all the time)… it just worked in this blog post.  I don’t even recall what name he used instead.  You, name caller, you. 🙂  I think it was Sara.

SO why am I bringing this up, well we are getting ready to list our condo on the market.  We just signed up with a realtor yesterday.  She’s been talking to us for a while  now, and we finally decided to move forward and when I looked at the (10) documents we had to sign just to list our property, I started laughing.

Below the signature line, next to my husband’s name was “Patti”

That’s a new one, haven’t been called Patti yet, but our realtor pointed out she got the “ee” sound right and it ended with an “I”  Seriously, in that type of business, isn’t getting the home owners names accurately important?  She’s lucky I have a great sense of humor.  I could have read that as a “sign,” NOT to go with her, but another realtor.

Either that, or my husband has another wife.  Do I have a sister-wife I don’t know anything about?



16 thoughts on “Why can’t people remember my name?

  1. Paul? Paul who? Who is this Paul you speak of? He sounds like some absent-minded bozo. Why I’m willing to bet this guy carries around notes in every pocket with his name on it, just to remind himself of who he is! Anyway Sandy, Cindy, Sue, Nancy, Sara, Patti I wouldn’t worry too much about that clown ever forgetting your name again, even if he does suffer from Paulzeimers—because now he’s got even more to choose from!

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  2. Yeah, this is one of my biggest pet peeves. And the biggest offenders seem to be phone solicitors. They’ll always call and mumble, “Um, can I speak to, um, Allen-Exander? Alexander?”

    If my name is in front of you on a calling list, how do you mess that up? I can understand mishearing somebody’s name, but misreading it? It has only five letters. Maybe they’re thrown off because it’s not spelled “Alan.”

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  3. Sandi-Sue! What’s in a name, really? Unless people don’t actually care whether or not you realize they’re speaking to you, they should probably try to get your name right first. “Hey You” sometimes works in a pinch. But call me the wrong name, and I’ll likely keep right on walking by. I’m nice like that. 😛

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  4. The only problem I have ever had is an Aunt that insisted on calling me Karen. Karen/Sharon I called her on it one summer and her reply to me was “I don’t give a rats ass what the rest of the famiily calls you, you’re Karen to me.” I loved her, she was a hoot!

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  5. Oh the horror of being around when Grease came out and putting up with that b.s., I can appreciate the name issues my last name is Mathews and since I was old enough to remember myself or my mother has had to correct every Tom, Dick, and Harry that it’s not Matthews! I even raised hell about it in my divorce when it was spelled incorrectly, which got me exactly……nothing!


  6. Wow, your realtor is lucky because that is a pretty important document that should have the correct name of it. No one ever gets my name right. They write it down as Krista or Tristan. I have gotten to the point that I don’t care as long as it’s not an important piece of paper.💌Trista

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  7. Hello, my name is also Sandi and I’m from Slovenia 🙂 Here that name is quiet in use and comes from the name Alexander. But the pronunciation is different than in English, letter a is pronounced like à. But in Italy where I study the professors at first had also problems with the pronounciation of my name… Enjoy 😉


    1. Yes, this was back in the 70’s when it was popular in the USA and non-gender specific. It was mainly spelled Sandy. Boys often had this name. In the late 70’s early 80’s ending names in ” I ” became very popular. Sandi, Candi, Jeni, Tami, ending with an ” I ” was a trend. Although my name is not uncommon, the whole point of the post, is that people just can’t remember it! That’s why I’m laughing.


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