Poochie Pranks

Bag of dog doo on fireAlex posted something today about pranks.   My response became too long, and realized, it was more “post” worthy.  So I shortened my comment and here’s my post.  She had mentioned, put an Eviction notice on someone’s door.  To which, I thought, perfect for those asshole neighbors with the constant barking dogs…

…except then my mind went a little more demented.  I saw a variation of this in the 80’s  movie Can’t Buy Me Love.

At night:  put a steaming pile of dog doo in a brown paper bag (with a doggie skull & crossbones drawn in black marker), place on their front door step, light the bag on fire, and ring their door bell.  Jet out of there and hide in nearby bush to watch.

With the hopes, the stupid neighbor (who isn’t home during the day to tend to their fucking dog that won’t shut up … ALL.DAY.LONG.) will open the door to the flames, & stomp it out… around this time, nonchalantly come out of hiding, walk by like you’re on an exercise walk and look at them like “What just happened?”

Would that be taking a prank too far or completely acceptable?  I’m thinking unless you live in our neighborhood, or find yourself in a similar predicament, you can’t really make a sound decision.  Those of us living it daily, might be able to justify this type of action.

I’m not a prankster. It’s mean.  But I fantasize. (sigh)

Side note: I’m a huge 80’s fanatic (movie/music) and Can’t Buy me Love was one of my favorite movies and introduced us to McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey.  Anyway, his co-star in that film, Amanda Peterson… did you know her parents stated she was raped around the time of that movie, by someone twice her age  (she was just 15) and never reported it… combined with bipolar disorder…she got involved with drugs, struggled over the years, incarcerated a few times.  Then changed her life, was reportedly “clean.”  However, after a surgery, she had an accidental over-dose related to prescription pain reliever drugs and self medicating with morphine (given to her by a friend) resulting in her death this past July.  So sad.

9 thoughts on “Poochie Pranks

  1. It’s all in good fun. Afterwards you both can sit and have a good laugh together about how stupid they looked when they opened the door and started stomping the crap out of that bag. Sandi, that’s when you can casually suggest a shock collar for their dogs, so that when they bark they will learn to stop, thus ceasing to annoy all their neighbors. Maybe the neighborhood could get together and make it a Christmas gift! 😀

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