Magic Plate – my gift to my blogger pals

Serving Tray - Magic

All I want for Christmas is a Magic Plate!  A conversation I had with my son this morning inspired today’s post.  I bequeath to all of you, a Magic Tray.


“Mom, we need more milk.” 

“Yes, I will take you to the store so we can get some.”
(he gasps!) “Not right now!”
 (I gasp in return) “NO. Not RIGHT now…but later.”
(relief in his voice) “Definitely will need tomorrow morning for cereal.”
“Right, and I’ll take you to the store so you can get some. I’m trying to teach you, can’t just yell something out, and it magically appears on a plate.”
(He seriously thinks about that for 1/2 second) “Oh, I wish things could.”

As he began eating his breakfast, he mumbles off a couple things he’d request the plate. (completed homework that he already magically did)  Which this all got me to thinking how this could be a creative writing piece for his 6th grade class, where all they seem to do is writing these days.

SO WITH THAT THOUGHT, in the holiday spirit, I forward you the wishing plate.  The rules are it has to fit on a standard serving platter and it has to be realistic. (something you can go out and get/buy in reality– no stacks of cash, unless you are truly going to withdraw that from your account)

You can get a maximum of (5) things and then have to pass it on to another blogger.  Maybe do a blog post and link it in your comment here as I want to read!  I’m curious how creative all you can get.  (with the goal trying to be unique) Feel free to use the image above, if you wish. 🙂

Here’s my list:

(5) things I wish on a plate:

  1. new gallon of MILK (obviously, as stated above)
  2. New Tennis shoes for my son, size 5.5- (I’m dreading shopping with him) shoes that:
    • he likes appearance
    • are comfortable
    •  shoe laces are just the right size
      • not too short, that they continually become untied
      • not too long, that he has to triple knot them so he doesn’t step on them.
  3. Find the holiday movies I’ve already packed away
    • Particularly, the Home Alone Series my son just asked for
  4. Find ALL the stray”Nerf” gun bullets under/behind furniture and crevices that are hidden from sight, so that I can pack all away at once, instead of finding one here and there and having to continually find the box all these are stored for moving.
  5. Hot cup of coffee, already made
    • wait, instead of homemade, let’s ‘go out’ – deliver me a Starbucks, Pumpkin Latte YUM

Your turn.





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