The Little Death is Bizarre

I just watched the most bizarre show on Netflix.  The Little Death.

First of all, it’s about couples facing sexual boredom and fantasy/role playing.  I didn’t realize that “little death” meant orgasm. (that’s what the movie tells me, anyway) I didn’t really want to watch this show, thought it was a romantic comedy…but oddly found myself waiting it out and “trying to see where they are going with this…”

Anyway, it’s various couples, I think living on the same street, plus one other random lady.  But none of them connect together and not really sure if their stories were completed…There’s

  • “Toe-sucking/rape fantasy” story line
  • “Trying to get pregnant/bored-out-of-my-mind/turned on by crying” story line
  • “Role playing in the bedroom/that turns more into acting/acting courses.”
  • “Sexual offender notifying neighbors he moved into their area”
  • “turned on by sleeping people, and can’t sleep cuz they are watching someone else sleep”

The only connection between (2) neighbors, is when another neighbor is going around delivering home-baked cookies and announcing he’s a sexual offender and by law, has to tell his neighbors he moved into their hood.  Everyone is so busy with their dysfunction, they don’t even hear his announcement, but accept his cookies and close the door.

The guy that has a sexual fixation with someone sleeping, watches his wife sleeping all night and tries to hump her during her sleep…and therefore, falls asleep at work during the day because he’s exhausted.

The random gal, is a telephone interpreter for the deaf.  A guy calls and has her call a sex line for him. She has to interpret the sex talk.  After her shift, she leaves to a car that doesn’t work.

A section of this movie comes CRASHING together, literally, when the dude that is overly tired and can’t sleep, falls asleep while driving (we assume), and hits the sexual offender guy who just happens to be driving by to offer assistance to the gal with car trouble (perhaps he did something to her car, who knows) and he gets out to retrieve something for her from her vehicle and gets RAMMED by the dude sleeping while driving.  The random chick has cochlear implants, and the aid keeps ringing, and she removes right at point of impact and has no clue there’s been a horrific accident.

That’s where it ends.  Although a clever ending…it still left me scratching my head… WTF did I just watch?  That’s it?



4 thoughts on “The Little Death is Bizarre

    1. Hahaha. OMG, I’d be DANGEROUS with a crocheting tool. Don’t they use that big needle/threader thingy? Doesn’t Jamie Lee Curtis stab Michael Myers in the eye with one of those in Halloween I? Or, it would be more like me trying to use chop sticks and eat noodles. I can’t get this yarn to stay around the needle.

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