Season of Thanks – Pumpkin Pie

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

We don’t celebrate the traditional way.  We got out of “seeing family,” years ago, when we started purposely traveling out-of-town, to avoid having to participate in crazy family things for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We’d say:

“Oh, sorry, we are going to Mi-Wuk village, snow sledding with kiddos.”… 

“Oh, sorry, we are going to Arizona for the Polar Express and seeing Grand Canyon.” 

All to avoid my husband’s sister and mom that decided everything and ruled/over-ruled others.  And we all squeezed into a tiny house (well, it seemed tiny after 35 people were there), and families were all assigned food to bring… and the people who had Pumpkin Pie duty, found the teeniest-tiniest individual serving of pie- thinking no one would want (which was BS for them being cheapskates), and all 35 people would want a sliver of the (2) 4 inch pies.

There were (2) years we went without Pumpkin Pie (because someone else that had pie duty, decided to bring 1 Pumpkin and various others- guess what everyone wanted?  A slice of each!) and I was devastated.  Because, I don’t care (or like) any other Thanksgiving food.  To me, Thanksgiving meal = PUMPKIN PIE and Ready Whip or Cool Whip- I’m flexible with my topping.

After those couple of years with his family, my husband promised we would always have pie and does our Costco shopping and will bring home that HUGE one from Costco for our family of (4.)  Hahaha.  We were happy. We will never go without Pumpkin Pie again! 🙂

After a few years of traveling, everyone’s Thanksgiving plans changed and there was no longer a big family event.  Now, we are no longer “forced” to leave town to avoid family.  (good- because we can’t afford more trips) My husband will typically grill some meat, as we don’t care for Turkey or cranberry sauce.  Instead of candied yams (GROSS- EW-ACK), we’ll have a healthier version for the kiddos.  Sweet Potatoes/Yams microwaved, cut up and rolled into balls… and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.  They love these sweet-potato-balls!

So this year, we have been so busy packing and getting our condo ready to sell, and last night met with a realtor.  I completely forgot about Thursday’s meal.  My hubby said “I’m off to the store, what do we need?”

“Meat.  Sweet Potato, regular potato, corn on cob.  Lettuce for salad. Biscuits”

Notice anything missing?  He comes home with everything, including a pumpkin pie!  GASP.  I had completely forgotten all about PIE.  That has never happened in my life!  Ever!  He was laughing with me.  He was like, wait a minute, is that a trick list?  Were you testing me?  Food for Thanksgiving never entered my mind once this season, including dessert!

I am so THANKFUL, my hubby remembered the pumpkin pie!  I would have seen a commercial during dinner (showing pie)  and would have cried if we didn’t have any.




13 thoughts on “Season of Thanks – Pumpkin Pie

  1. What a shame you family Thanksgiving was such a disappointment. I love having my family around the table. Every Sunday we get together and talk, laugh, eat. It’s great. This week is a bonus because it’s Thanksgiving and we get to have a second meal together and that pumpkin pie!!


    1. Not when it’s “in-laws” and their extended family and kids. Too many people, too many personalities, always waiting forever and a day on certain individuals. Some always coming and eating and not bringing anything. (or tiny pies) Ugh. They are not all really our family and I preferred less-is-more.


  2. And here I was, going to invite myself over for a real turkey dinner. But, if you have no pumpkin pie? Well… Happy Thanksgiving to you guys anyway, Sandi. And don’t forget to watch the NBC—promote our programs every five minutes which no one watch’s, while showing Broadway show numbers in front of Macy’s—at the expense of seeing the real Macy’s Day Parade, with themed balloons. Oh well, at least there’s still football. 😀

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    1. It was GREAT for my kids age group at the time. (5 and 7 or 4 and 6- can’t recall) Well worth the trip, because we stayed at a hotel that gave a fantastic (affordable) thanksgiving dinner and then we saw the Grand Canyon.

      It’s still fun when older. (short trip, but you don’t get to get out to see Santa- a little disappointing…but then he comes on board, and the servers just serve- they don’t sing/dance like birthday songs at restaurants or Lone Star) I’d do it again for my kiddos now 12 and 10. My sister-in-law just took her kids this year… and she has a 5 year old and a 13 year old. The 13 year old still liked the hot chocolate and at the end, Santa walks the train handing out bells to all kids (like the movie). I can’t recall the cost, but I’d take them again, if we were traveling. 🙂

      It was a fun trip to get away, and get some cooler weather/some snow. (we live in Southern CA, where we wear shorts and flip flops every day)

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