Season of Thanks – Characters like Mr. T

Where would we be without characters like Mr. T?

As a kid, one of my favorite t.v. shows was the A-Team, and he was the muscle, BA Baracus!  And George Pappard at the end of every episode, “I love it, when a plan comes together.”



He was one of Rocky’s boxing opponents, Clubber Lang, in Rocky III.  “I’m gonna hurt you real bad.  Pain.”




Then, there was what my dad and uncles referred to as Rastlin’

(aka – wrestling)


I’ve always wanted to sternly and toughly match his persona and say,

“I pity the fool!”

Of course, I always forgot to insert that into conversation.  Now many years have past, and my kids would be like, who’s Mr. T?

Oh, he’s the voice of the cop on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (the first one)…

My husband and I, from time to time, will play upon his phrasing, “Flint Lock.. woooood.”

Mr. T. is awesome and I’m thankful for all the fun he has brought us over the years.


10 thoughts on “Season of Thanks – Characters like Mr. T

    1. I am telling you, all of us get in this habit of saying the same thing, without really thinking much about it… “I’m thankful for my husband, I’m thankful for beautiful, healthy children, I’m thankful for our courageous service men… yes, we are all grateful for these things… now tell me outside of that…what other things makes you happy that makes you different from others? Mr. T. makes my list. 🙂


    2. Well, in that case, I’m thankful for Mrs. T. The lady who makes the third-rate perogi. Even though I can’t stomach them, the kids like ’em and they are easy and quick to make. So here’s to you, Mrs. T., you wonderful chef of lousy, frozen perogi, I love you, girl!

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  1. I’m thankful for the A-Team in general! Cheesy action scenes and horrendous acting (usually) it was the 1980s wrapped up in a big pretty bow! I lived for the five-ten minute scene every week when they would pull their own MacGyver like plan together with nothing more than used Double A batteries, a blow torch and some scrap steel!
    You would also be remiss if you didn’t mention D.C. Cab!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great Thanksgiving Sandy :).

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