Season of Thanks – no cleaning of Dead Whale

Dead Whale - Dutch Harbor, Unalaska
my Husband at Dutch Harbor (with poor dead whale)

Season of Thanks must include this one… my husband had to travel for his work recently to Dutch Harbor, Unalaska.  Yes, where they film the Deadliest Catch.  While there, he saw a dead whale (sad) and the locals were telling him about how they better get a “move on” with the removal because as it decomposes the gases build & they will explode.

My husband was like “what?” but left before the marine biologists arrived to the scene.

So today, my husband was on a phone call with another guy pertaining to that job.  They told him to look it up online.  HOLY COW.  They weren’t kidding on the force, it is a huge explosion!  The bigger the whale and longer dead…oh, my!

Am I ever grateful, I’m not a Marine Biologist or part of the crew responsible for removal of whale carcasses.  YUCK.  And Dangerous.  And I am extremely thankful to those who do have this responsibility.  Thank you, for keeping the beaches and harbors clean.

Could you imagine if you didn’t get out of the way in time, having to be rushed to the hospital, and the ER docs inquire how sustained injuries, come again…exploding whale?

Proper way of releasing gas and then there’s the dynamite way. (gross)



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