Season of Thanks – Conversations at Denny’s

If you ever need good blogging material, just go have some breakfast at Denny’s.


My husband and I had a “business” breakfast to discuss our “to do” list for selling our place and moving.  Toward the end of breakfast, my husband excused himself for the bathroom, and now that I was no longer engaged in conversation, my ears picked up on what the two guys behind me were so animated about:

“…dude, you know what it was?  It was Sasquatch!”

(my thoughts: he must be kidding around and making fun of someone, right?)

“…oh, I know!  The other driver saw him too.  Actually, it’s true because he had a co-driver and they also saw him.”

“…Well, you know, the reason why they can never find him…he’s invisible part of the time.  And how he is doing that, it’s because they determined he’s an alien.  That’s why he can turn invisible”

Now I’m stirring my coffee and thinking WTF?  Is he serious?  He’s serious.  These guys are having a true conversation on Big Foot.  At some point, I’ve come to the conclusion they are truck drivers.  I missed the start of the next conversation, but hear this:

“…I gotta go to the bathroom…blah, blah,blah” (not sure what he said) to which the other guy responded

“…dude, I know… I keep an extra roll of toilet paper in my console” and laughed and the other guy added,

“…and baby wipes.  Don’t forget those.  You always need to finish up with a baby wipe.”

At this point, they got up and left their table.  As we paid at the register, I realized these “truck” drivers were the dudes who fill up the stuffed animals in that claw game that’s like a video game.  You can’t make this stuff up!  Life is so much more interesting than fiction.  I should have asked if the animals included a Sasquatch.

I am THANKFUL for random conversations like these Denny’s moments.  When I shared with my husband, we laughed and laughed.  I’m bummed I hadn’t heard more.  Big foot and poop…wonder what other subjects were on the table.

See, be careful of what you talk about in restaurants.  You never know when a blogger is nearby and going to blast it online.



21 thoughts on “Season of Thanks – Conversations at Denny’s

  1. “And how he is doing that, it’s because they determined he’s an alien. That’s why he can turn invisible”

    This is true. You can’t see him. If I could I would catch him when he borrows my tools and losses them. He also hides my keys from time to time.


  2. I swear, he is real! And tell me if it isn’t practical to carry those wipes around. And because you were slyly ease dropping in on our conversation—for blogging material purposes—just try and get something you really want out of one of our claw machines the next time your Denny’s, just try, I dare you! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just as you have your “meat hooks” into dear old Bob… you won’t realize there’s some weird shell stuffed animal behind him… and instead of Bob being delivered, it will be that weird shell-like, odd-shaped stuffed thing that you won’t really know what it is… it’s an amoeba!


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