Season of Thanks – I’m not split into two bodies

Today’s moment of thankfulness:

As I’ve mentioned countless times, I am a Netflix junkie.  In addition to all the online shows, Netflix has their own original set of series.   (which, most that I’ve watched are quite good)

One of them being, Hemlock Grove.  The mother in the show, Olivia, doesn’t really try to contain her beast.  There are points in the show, where she does attempt to be loving, but quickly fails.  With that said, as a “human,” she is often quite insufferable.  Her children don’t like her.  She is very selfish and will do anything to get her way, like threaten or kill individuals that are friendly with her off-spring as a way of controlling her kids.

This show explores the extreme of the fantasy (or maybe futuristic) medical/science of transferring a person’s soul, thoughts, memory, etc. into another working body as the one they are in is badly damaged.

(spoiler alert) *****(spoiler alert)**** (spoiler alert)**** (spoiler alert)****

At some point, in season 3 (the last season), Olivia is in search of a new body.  Yohan, the doctor, has both bodies (Olivia’s present one and one that she is considering taking over) in a “state-of-consciousness,” so they can talk to one another, giving her a chance to test out the new body.  They are both Olivia (the other being a male version), and when talking, they are both annoyed with one another and call each other names.  Yohan breaks up the argument by formal introduction,

“Olivia, meet Olivia.  She’s something isn’t she?”

Which, got me to thinking…WOULD YOU LIKE YOURSELF, if you were split into two bodies?  Would you immediately be best friends, or knowing all that you do about yourself… would your short-comings just be too strong to handle?

My guess, I would irritate the hell out of myself.  Not as extreme as the character, Olivia.  But… let’s just say, I’m THANKFUL I’m in one body only and don’t have to deal with myself.  One half would probably end up killing the other… and I have no desire to commit suicide or be stuck in the wrong body?  (now I’m confused)

I’m grateful for the one, thanks!

*P.S.  That show has some crazy writing.  They explore some “taboo” stuff.


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