Season of Thanks – No Spilt Milk

Don’t waste the milk!

Being that it’s Thanksgiving time, I’m trying to realize daily what I’m thankful for…at dinner last night:

I’m grateful that when I dropped the half-full gallon of milk, it was a twist cap and not a pop on, as that jug bounced on the ground and the lid stayed on and  no noticeable cracks in the jug.  Mannnnnn, am I EVER grateful (thank you, thank you) that milk didn’t explode all over the kitchen.  That would have “spoiled” my day and probably made several days after quite “sour.”  (haha, milk humor)

I’m thankful there was no milk explosion.


6 thoughts on “Season of Thanks – No Spilt Milk

    1. Hey, that was a half filled gallon container. (whole- lotta-milk) – if that lid had popped off, it would have come pouring out or if a crack in the plastic…

      The kids looked with horrified expressions waiting. MOM. OH, sigh, good thing mom. That would have been a big mess.


  1. Was it regular homogenized vitamin D milk, or possibly goats milk? A pop on cap, if it was goats milk wouldn’t have been so bad. That would have looked so COOL when it hit the floor too. Awesome! Whoops…sorry Sandi. Wasn’t thinking, I forgot you would have been the one having to mop it all up. But, look on the bright side… at least I wouldn’t have to do it 😀


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