Season of Thanks – I didn’t give birth to Medusa

What hormones could possibly be raging through my 9 (soon to be 10 year old?) I apologize to our neighbors…now we are the crazy ones…

Holy cow, my daughter had an EPIC melt-down yesterday afternoon that the entire surrounding neighborhoods must have heard!  I think she didn’t have enough to eat (low blood-sugar will make anyone go crazy) and she was upset at how much homework she had combined with an antagonizing older brother… meant an EXPLOSION was waiting to happen.  I held my ground and wouldn’t let her have her way:
  • No, we can’t just hit people whenever we don’t like something they say or the way they look at us…even if it’s your brother.

  • No, we can’t yell at people “shut up” in a mean voice every time they talk…even if it’s your brother.

  • When I tell you to go to your room, it’s not okay to say no and run away from me. GO.

I had to physically place her in the room for a time out (not an easy task) she completely LOST it  (everything went BOOM) when I closed the door.  She was so loud with her screeches and screams of frustration “DON’T CLOSE THE DOOR,”  (no one wants the hear you, take 15 minutes and calm down) pounding on the door ensues.  Toys being thrown at door.  Wow. It was like she couldn’t control herself.  At first, I feared I had given birth to Medusa.   I cautiously opened the door to peek in on her, half expecting her curly hair to move like snakes and start snapping at me and her eyes to glow, trying to turn me to stone .  However, I am so THANKFUL to report,  that she was just temporarily possessed…and went a little Linda Blair on me.   No biggie.  No exorcism required.  The calm after the storm was here.  (and some lost privileges)

Of course, this happened while dad was traveling out of town.
Thank you, GOD!  Thank you, for not letting there be snakes (and glowing eyes.)  See, I’m grateful.  (sigh) in those moments, you need a drink. (Alka Seltzer anyone?  Plop-plop, fizz-fizz, oh what a relief it is) Maybe instances like this helped inspire Rolling Stones Mother’s Little Helper?  (hey, baby, just go take a chill pill)  Interesting article on that drug.

11 thoughts on “Season of Thanks – I didn’t give birth to Medusa

    1. That’s shear genius! If only I had studied under her, my bosses would never have had a clue. Unfortunately I didn’t. So, now my bosses have a photo of me hanging up on all their walls…with darts perfectly placed in my big red nose! But how was I to know they were all dart champions? Guess I didn’t have them fooled. But, at least I’ve got my readers still buffaloed. 😀


    2. Tee hee… I seem to understand you too much. That frightens me. We must be long distant cousins, twice removed sort of thing. I’m sure in our lineage / family tree … somewhere along the branches would be Paul’s family, and ours … except with my luck, it would probably read “Sarah,” or “Cindy,” or “Nancy,” – never Sandi. ???? Because I guess I never want anyone to know the real me. (no wonder my daughter has everyone fooled… in public.)


    3. Hell, now I’m fooled too! I may never live that down, but at least we can be grateful for my providing us with a wealth of comic material for years to come. Thank you Sarah, Cindy, Nancy, and Sandi…I’ll never forget you ever again! LOL!!! 😀


    4. (gasp!) a thought just occurred. Perhaps I have split personalities and they are all me (I go by those names at different times?) I don’t remember it, but if I were crazy.. how would I know I was in that state and others existed?


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