Not your typical “thankful” list – thanks to our neighbors

Well said. couldn’t agree more.

Okay, being that it’s the month of November and in the U.S. we’re amping up to stuff ourselves with our loved ones.  (no, not eating them- eating with them, just so we’re clear… although, I’m sure some of us would make tasty morsels.) so we are starting to see blog posts about being “thankful,” this Thanksgiving season.  I’m as sentimental as the next woman, but really I don’t want to read all this lovey-dovey stuff all the time.  YES, we’re all thankful for our spouses/significant other, kids, friends, good job (if you have one), that we live in the U.S. and our hearts go out to Paris, thankful for the troops – all of that goes without being said, we are all thankful for those same things… so share that sentiment with your family when you commence your feast with a toast.  Reading blog posts all saying the same thing is very boring.  (snooze/snore)

Outside of those “go without saying items,” – what are we truly thankful for on a daily basis or even if occasional, or one-moment-in-time?  Here’s a list that hits me pertaining to our neighbors, wonder if we should send them a card?

  1.  I have been Thankful this past week that our neighbor has refrained from cooking that nasty Indian Cuisine – Is that cumin?- what is that stinking up the entire neighborhood?  (ugh)  The smell is atrocious, and seeps through our closed doors and windows.  My son yells, “EW!  What’s that smell?  Is that you, mom?”  It will reek for 2 hours!  I’m guessing they must have read my couple of Facebook posts asking them to STOP or seal up their house.  Keep it up good neighbor.  Our air has been refreshing this past week.  Thumbs up- we like!

  2. The “screeching” child across the street, the family must have moved (Hallelujah – Hallelujah), or grandma and grandpa are no longer watching him/her.  (Thank you, Jesus!)  I have been enjoying not being startled awake in the middle of the night from the latest crazy tantrum.  It’s a screech I’ve never heard, my kids didn’t even reach that octave.  (my daughter, as a toddler, would just hold her breath until she passed out for a second- see quiet- non disturbing others.) – I am SO thankful!  We would be subjected to this tantrum sporadically though out our day.

  3. I am THANKFUL that the neighborhood dogs aren’t barking as incessantly as they usually do.  (they still need to improve, but it’s not nearly every second of the day now)  Perhaps the most annoying one, that got other dogs started, kicked-the-bucket.  (gasp, what an awful thing to say) but seriously!  Fucking non-stop barking.  Cops have already addressed the issue, but the grandpa (owner) dude is deaf or leaves the dog out while he works or leaves to do errands.  Uh. Never used to bother me when I left the house to work…but not that I work from home…can drive me bananas.  I had one retired neighbor behind us, ask if it were our dog making the racket.  No, he’s quiet.  A ruff on occasion, but is quickly reprimanded.

Usually, our neighborhood ROCKS.  But this last year, with people selling their places and new people moving in… holy cow!  Dogs barking constantly, screeching kid several times a day, smelly meals being made, and the constant lawn-work noise (air blower, mower, weed wacker)  The lawn stuff is still bad…every day, including Sunday, someone is always trimming a tree with a chain saw, or running one of the other pieces of equipment.  Or a construction saw, to measure wood for some housing project… 🙂  It’s almost becoming white noise.

Although I complain, I truly am thankful for the above mentioned items.


12 thoughts on “Not your typical “thankful” list – thanks to our neighbors

  1. Love this! I’m actually thankful for the same things. Living in an apartment complex, it seemed like there was always that neighbor who would cook burning tires with a rancid skunk carcass that he’d scraped off the road. I’d go upstairs and say out loud, “You know, I think I’m going out to eat.”

    And barking dogs are beyond irritating. Of course, those neighbors always say, “My dog doesn’t bark.”

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    1. We live in a condo and the units are split into two different complexes by a street leading to homes. This person is cooking across the street! Of course, your situation seems far worse. 😦 Skunk anything. Ew. We have a drainage area behind our complex before the houses start (right next to us- we’re the last condo) and a skunk always likes to cruise down the drainage area wafting his odor. (thanks, skunk)

      our dog really doesn’t bark. When he does, we all yell at him and if he dares to squeak again, we spray him with water. 🙂 Speaking of barking, that damn dog across the street is at it again… he goes non-stop. You think he’d go hoarse.

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    2. Those yapping dogs can go on and on, as if they’re filibustering a Senate bill. I’ve lived by a few that never shut up, and I also wondered how they never got hoarse. You’d at least think they’d pause and go, “OK, barking nonstop is getting boring. Maybe I’ll go sniff an old shoe, or something.”

      I don’t know what it is, but some people’s cooking has such a terrible stench that it can travel for blocks. With that one guy I used to live next to (thankfully, I don’t anymore), it was like a troll charring a goat under a bridge. Couldn’t he just make Hamburger Helper, or something?

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  2. There’s definitely good reason to be thankful for eating with your family rather than being eaten by your family.

    Fortunately for me, nobody’s gonna be too excited about eating a vegetarian. Not enough bacon- or turkey- in me. So much for the food chain… 😀

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