When Nice moments are ruined – dog licker

Since we live in an upstairs condo unit, typically our place is blazin’ HOT!  No amount of running the A/C unit really fixes when the building (walls) get really hot- it’s like an oven and we do our best to keep the place at 88 degrees.

This summer has been especially hot, Southern California has really dragged on with the heat waves and severe drought.  With that said, the past week, we’ve had some fantastic weather.  However, due to the cooler evenings (finally) – we leave the balcony door open all night and now our place has been rather cold in the mornings, until the late afternoon sun warms up the condo.  That’s okay, we like putting on pj bottoms (instead of running around half-naked) and socks (my feet didn’t recognize what they were) and wearing a little blanket (remind me to wash the dust/musty smell out of it)

However, this morning, I was a little too cold and decided to sit on the balcony, which we never do because usually you’d melt.  (or burst into flames or get 3 degree burns).  It’s one of the few times a year we’ll enjoy the warmth of the sun on the deck.  When I opened the sliding glass and screen doors, my dog was excited and immediately ran out and plopped himself down to sun bathe.

Sitting on my patio chair, drinking my coffee, I tilted my head back and closed my eyes to warm up my fingers/toes and get some Vitamin D I so desperately needed.  I was relishing in the fact how QUIET it was, because usually we have two neighbor’s dogs that bark incessantly.  So much that it’s kind of the norm and it’s almost like “white noise.” and kinda not.   And we always seem to have lawn guys performing maintenance- mowers, weed wackers, blowers (the worst and always going), saws to trim trees.  You name it…every day of the week!  (including Sunday).  It’s rather annoying.

So, no cars rushing up and down the street (everyone is already at work/school) and no barking dogs or lawn guys.  There was nothing and it was blissful!   Wow, I found myself wishing for a hammock.  Then I head a noise, is that trickling water?  Wait, no, not water.  This sounds more annoying.

I turn and open my eyes to find my dog enjoying his sunbathing so much, he decided it was time to spread wide & lick his weiner.  Really?

Which got me to thinking about you dudes… my male blogger friends (and spouses/boyfriends of my gal blogger pals) – what dude would relish getting his lick on, while lounging in the sun, if he could?  I suppose I couldn’t blame the males (no matter the species) for enjoying their time.  Which then lead me to think about the Marilyn Manson guy…that was rumored to have had 2 ribs removed so he could perform self-fellatio on stage – which is untrue.  But the deed was done, I had his facial image in my head and the thought that, if rumor were true, it would be the safest “safe sex” you could possibly have. (ha-ha)

NOW my nice moment in the sun has been ruined!  Thanks dog and your licking.  I guess it’s time to go back to work now, just after I type this post.

And now that song is stuck in my head, The Beautiful People, and I like their Dope show, and the remakes of Sweet Dreams, Personal Jesus and Tainted Love.  Regardless, my peaceful state is now gone.  Time to get my rock on and tear into work.


7 thoughts on “When Nice moments are ruined – dog licker

    1. It’s not fair, is it? I’ve been best friends with guys my whole life… and this topic has come up more than once…because someone always had a dog…dog always tosses up a leg and licks itself…boys can’t help but comment. It’s a mathematical equation. Who started the rumor about Marilyn Manson? (probably some dudes) – that isn’t the work of women. Just sayin’


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