New “Angle” on selling home – interesting pic on Zillow

houses- bathroom with triangles

Still looking at moving and researching rentals.  Came across this…Um?

Did someone have woodshop and created a bunch of triangles and no one knew what to do with them?  So, just before tossing them out WAIT!  We’ll put them on the bathroom cabinets!  What a GREAT selling point!  We got Triangles.  No one else has triangles, we got angles!  (I don’t want to live in 180 degrees – ha, triangle humor)

Of course, my hubby and I are laughing and immediately I break into rendition of Particle Man “Triangle man, triangle man…triangle man hates person man, they have a fight triangle wins.”  Luckily, my husband was following me… oh yeah, that song.  If you don’t know to which I’m referring:

So there was this eclectic band back in the late 80’s / early 90’s, They Might be Giants, that had a hit that I personally LOVED, Don’t let’s start,   Funny, I had never seen that video before, and the guys have on “Beef Stick” heads like the Slim Jim beef stick guy.  Anyway, later on, TMBG , released Bird House in your Soul, another huge favorite of mine… so I ended up buying their tape (I didn’t yet have a CD player) and loved all their music.

At that point, I realized they had some “educational” content, Warner Brothers created cartoon videos for Istanbul (was once Constantinople…why’d they change it, I can’t say, people just liked it better that way… that nobody’s business, but the Turks.)  and Particle man. (triangle man)  Here’s a live version, they are so funny.  Doesn’t sound exactly the same, but amazing what he’s doing on that small piece of equipment.

Apparently, their pop-sound, and zany lyrics is appealing to kids and currently They Might be Giants are often heard on the Disney Channel.  Glad to see they sustained through the years.  I’m going to have to break out that old music and play it for my kiddos.  I think they will like them and my daughter will probably recognize the voices since she watches Disney shows.



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