Adjusting private parts

Lately, our 11-year-old son has been handling his private parts more frequently and I mentioned that he needs to excuse himself to the bathroom.  Finally, one hot day, we were waiting in line for a roller coaster, and my son was, yet again, fidgeting with his hand on private to which I indicated he needed to stop doing that in public.

“What?  It’s sticky down there.  I got to move it.”

I then turned to his father and whispered, “You need to talk about the diversion tactic or the slight shift that doesn’t draw attention.  He can’t be doing that openly, especially if girls are present.  What do guys do?  He needs to be taught whatever it is that guys learn.”

So, this morning, my  husband has on the television and a commercial comes on and he begins laughing.  He rewinds it and calls me out… watch this Tommy John commercial.  We laughed and laughed.  My son is kinda like the weather guy.  My favorite is  The guy doing squats!  hahahahah.  I swear!  Hysterical!


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