Strange habits – the Rocker

We all have little quirks we do or say.  Whether it be facial or eye expressions, figures of speech, tilting of head, clearing of throat, sniffing, having  to lick the middle of the Oreo frosting before eating the cookies… you name it, we all do something.  Some of us it’s more obvious, with loud talking (like me), but for the not so obvious,  if one were to look closely enough at their lives, they would find an idiosyncrasy.  (Why do you always gravitate to the right side of the passenger seat?  What’s wrong with the left?)

One of my dear friends that I don’t see too often, we saw her at a kid’s birthday party yesterday and became involved in a conversation.  Without realizing it, she rocks back-n-forth, leaning toward you and then away as she is telling a story – the entire time she talks, she rocks.  I had noticed this a couple of times in the past, but just thought she was extra antsy at the time.  However, by this point, I realized, that’s just what she does when standing and conversing.  It only became more pronounced as she rocked forward, towards me and invaded my personal space, I rocked back… and as she rocked back (away from me), I rocked forward so I could hear what she was saying.  AND so it went with both us rocking, like a boat, and I was getting seasick.

Then the song “Rock-the-boat, don’t rock the boat, baby” (that 70’s song) popped in my head and I started singing… Finally, I couldn’t contain myself any longer… I had to point it out… do you realize…

“OMG!  You’re right.  How come none of my other friends have told me?”

She never knew she did this all the time.  So, what do you do?  Come on, we all have/do something.  I’m super loud even on a quiet day.  You will hear me laughing in a supermarket, aisles away… seriously, someone came and found me once…I heard the laugh and knew it was you!

I leave you with the tune playing in my head.  “Rock on with your bad self”


8 thoughts on “Strange habits – the Rocker

    1. P.S. Reminds me of Michael Meyers. (the 2nd Halloween movie) – where Jamie Lee Curtis calls out “Michael” and he turns his head to the right and pauses in his hunt to kill her.

      (sorry, Halloween just past and I have Michael Meyers brain)


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