An elephant moved in

… again, I must apologize for our family (to our neighbors anyway)

With me being heavy(ier) than I’ve ever been, I have heavy footsteps.  Although, I’m ultra aware and try to tread lightly…the weight is still there.

Then, you have my son with his “DCD” (developmental coordination disorder- real thing under dyspraxia) – well, he is clumsy and a heavy stepper.  He steps heavily on his feet, and we keep reminding him to step on the “ball” of his foot… toesies…that’s what you’re supposed to do in soccer.  (Yup, we remind him every time he steps in the kitchen from carpet to tile)  Bam, Bam, Bam – the loudest of all us- on his heels.  Stop stepping so hard!

NOW, in 6th grade, my son has to have an instrument and learn band.  He picked the trumpet!  He has to practice nightly for 10 or 15 minutes.  It’s not so bad…and he’s actually doing quite well, but, he’s learning to BLOW through the instrument… and sometimes it comes out a loud blare.

…ALL of the above combined, it’s like we got a pet elephant…sorry downstairs and next door neighbors.


19 thoughts on “An elephant moved in

    1. Um, someone’s who’s camp is being attacked by a bear?
      The thing they are hunting is nocturnal?
      A serial killer with a day job?

      This is a fun game! (clapping hands)

      Hope you don’t sleep walk out of your home during hunting season. I did that as a kid a couple times. Kept finding myself in my dad’s apartment parking lot. I don’t know where I was going. Apparently, a lot goes on in the early AM and I was trying to get there.

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