No common sense


I know, that’s nothing new.  But seriously…

I’ve been helping a friend do some data entry work while I’m out of full-time employment.  This part time work is basically looking up elementary (public/private/charter) schools websites, finding out the principal (e-mail) and PTO/PTA president/Vice president e-mails.  Then, mainly, it’s to establish if they do any “pledge-based” fundraising, like a Jog/walk-a-thon, Read-a-thon, anything with a “thon.”  Or 5k / fun-run sort of thing.  We have a software program that helps with collecting the pledges.

Some schools are very savvy with their efforts of ensuring no e-mail addresses are on their websites.  If we call, they typically state they can’t provide personal info like numbers or e-mails.  Who cares.  It’s a flippin’ e-mail address.  If you have a good “spam” ware, it shouldn’t be an issue for you.  But whatever.

Anyway, sometimes we can easily gather name/e-mails, but can’t necessarily determine if they have a fundraiser, or pledge based one (outside of selling merchandise like cookie dough and Yankee candles.)  Therefore, I’ve spent my morning calling a handful of schools to simply establish if they have any such events and if they are held Fall/Spring.  Not confidential by any means.

“I’m calling from … , and we’re just checking to see if your school has any pledge-based fundraisers, such as a Jog-a-thon, walk-a-thon, read-a-thon.”

Typically, it’s very simple- yes, and it’s this type, and this time of year.  Done.  In this case, one secretary responded with:

“Yes, we do.  The PTO has that information, would you like the president’s name/ and e-mail address?”

Wow, forthcoming with a name/email…but I already have the data as I found it on their PTO Facebook page.  (sneaky)

“I don’t really need to speak to that person.  If you can just tell me the event name and if you hold the event in the Fall or spring.  That’s all I need.”


“Where are you calling from again?  Well, I can’t tell you the event name.  Why don’t you e-mail me so I can see what company you are with again.”

I told her everything again (she could look up the website)…as mentioned prior, I simply inquired if it were a jog-a-thon?  Maybe you call it Booster-a-thon?  If it’s Fall/spring- no exact date.

“I can’t tell you that it’s confidential.  E-mail me so I can verify where you’re from.”

WTF… okay, you were willing to part with a name and email earlier, but you won’t tell me if it’s a walk-a-thon vs a read-a-thon…and if it has an “event” name?

My husband told me I should have said “But in order to e-mail you, I’ll need your credit card info…great thanks.” 


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