Justin Bieber look alikeI’m doing some data entry project for a friend that requires looking up school websites, locating the principal name/e-mail, and PTO/PTA president name/e-mail.  I came across this photo and was like “Justin Bieber is their principal?”  Holy cow!  I can’t be the only person who has thought this…which leads me to…

When I was in my mid-20’s, I went for an interview at a posh law firm.  During Q&A with the Office Manager, she kept laughing.  Finally, she apologized and inquired if I were a fan of Saturday Night Live.  I indicated I hadn’t watched regularly, but was familiar with the show and some of the past characters.

This was the time Molly Shannon was fairly new to the cast and doing her Mary Catherine Gallagher skits.  She said I looked just like her, one of her favorite people.  She called in one of the other assistants as they were passing by, they didn’t know the name Mary Catherine, but inquired… “Is that the chick that is always falling down and showing her underwear?”

oh, great.  But, who cares!  It helped secure my receptionist job!

Flash forward a year, and I began dating my husband, who has the unfortunate balding gene, and resembled John Malkovich straight out of college.  Oddly, when we started dating (1998/1999), around the time Rounders and Being John Malkovich movies came out- everyone had John M on the brain… so what a pair we made. 🙂  That Halloween, I found a MCG costume and people laughed and laughed especially when I smelled my armpits and did the SUPER STAR pose.  Later that year, we went to Disneyland, and someone asked for my autograph, thinking I was Molly Shannon.  I told them I wasn’t, but they wouldn’t believe me.

Anyway, that doesn’t come up too often any longer.  However, my hubby still does resemble JM.

What about you or your friends?  Perhaps someone looks like a pet?




15 thoughts on “Resemblances

  1. After years of effort, I finally look like a grouchy old man. It is something not everyone can do. You have to be born with the right genetics and natural ability, then you must practice, practice, practice.


  2. Well I used to think i resembled selena gomez when I was younger, nobody else had the precision my eyes have so they were all appalled at my statement. Well..we both have black hair. I think that’s close enough! 😀

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  3. My wife looks a lot like Rosanna Arquette, so much so, she has been repeatedly asked for her autograph on more than one occasion. In fact, it happened no less than six times while were on this vacation in Disneyland. No joke. Once we were on the monorail in Las Vegas. This family came on and sat down across from us. Once they looked up at us, the wife smiled, then the husband and then the whispering started—you can imagine about what. When the monorail came to our stop, and we got up to leave, and that’s when the wife and husband asked for my wife’s autograph saying, “Ms. Arquette, could we have your autograph?” My wife, who was wearing her sunglasses at the time—big movie star that she is—smiled and decided to oblige them. I proceeded to get off the monorail—assuming my wife would be following me—when the husband asked her if she wouldn’t mind posing for to take a selfie with them. To my astonishment she decided to do just that! That is when the monorail doors closed behind me and the car pulled out of the station with the non-famous husband left standing there with his mouth wide open… staring at the departing monorail with the would be Ms. Arquette and her admirers enjoying a selfie. If only I could have photo bombed that selfie. When my wife and I next hooked up, I asked her if she had fun with her fans? She replied, “Well… it happens so much that I decided it was high time I did something about it. Boy are they going to be surprised when they show that photo to the paparazzi.” I replied, “Boy are YOU going to be surprised when that photo winds up in a tabloid!” 😀

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    1. I LOVE THAT. Now that’s a blog post in itself… you gotta post that. Link to my post stating it reminded you of a story… I think that is so funny! Yes, the gal at Disneyland insisted I was Molly Shannon even after showing her my ID. She said my ID was fake so people wouldn’t know it was me. Hahahaha. I signed an autograph just to end the discussion so we could get on the ride. 🙂


    2. Now that’s pretty funny, Sarah. But, I understand your need to carry around fake ID’s, Molly…uh, I mean, Sarah. Sometimes that’s the only way to convince fans that you’re not who they think you are…even though you are who they think you are. Psst, Sarah… uh…I mean, Molly. Do you think it would be alright to get a 8 by 12 glossy of you as Mary Katherine. I’m a huge fan…uh…I mean my wife, Rosanna…uh…Bren is a huge fan of yours and that character you play. Just address it to Paul, I mean Rosanna, I mean Bren, and sign it love Mary Katherine, I mean, Molly Shannon. You know what I mean. Signing it, from Sarah just won’t be as impressive to our pretentious neighbors when we go over to show it to them…at 3AM this morning. Thanks, Molly…I mean, Sarah. 😀


    3. OH I’M SO SORRY Sandi! This will definitely teach me to pay more attention to what I’m doing. And even though I knew that (DUH, DUMMY THAT I AM), I feel even more stupid now, because a while a go, while I was trying to get caught up on reading and responding to all the blogs I follow—I’ve been away for over a week—I made the same mistake of calling, Mike, another blogger friend (or maybe now he’ll regard me as a former friend of his), George. Anyway, please forgive me for the fopah, or name slip. At least, now you know why I call my blog “Inside My Cluttered Attic!”


    4. That’s true, and I still don’t know why I did that. I want to say that it’s because of this nasty cold I got coming back from Los Angeles while flying on the plane with all that recycled air. But, in reality the real truth might be I’m just suffering from Paulziemers like my wife tends to say when I forget to take out the trash, do the dishes, or pay a bill. Anyway Sandi, I’m glad I didn’t call you, George! 😀

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