In MY world…

There are several issues that arise when kids share the same bedroom.  Never, did I think this was going to be a topic for discussion.  Getting ready for bed…our 9-year-old daughter likes to remove her bedding, and spread her blanket and sheet on the floor while watching TV. However, when she does this, it takes up the entire bedroom floor and blocks her 11-year-old brother’s walking path to his loft bed. Therefore, he steps on the blanket… of course, being the brother, he purposely doesn’t attempt to walk around the items.

She immediately screams: “Get off my blanket!” as she’s pulling it onto her bed.

I indicated to her that no blankets should be on the floor.  They should remain on the bed.  Stop putting it on the floor.  She proceeds to over-talk me and Air quotes around MYstate, In my  world, it is supposed to go on the floor.” Overly emphasizing the word ‘my.’

To which I proceeded to explain that it was in fact, OUR world, and not HER world because we share the same living space.  Blankets on the floor will get stepped on…make sure they are on the bed.

As I was talking, she completely ignored me and not allowing me to finish boldly states,

Well, in ‘MY’ world… (she adds air quotes)…my blankets are on the floor and not to be stepped on.”

I walked out of the room, giving her a thumbs up…Good luck with that, honey.


18 thoughts on “In MY world…

    1. Jim, we are warned all the time, as people get to know my daughter. She is sweet when she wants to be, and ohhhh so evil in a flash. 🙂 I think she must be Dr. Evil’s off spring and not ours. They all say, hmmm. She is certainly going to be interesting as a teen. Or… you’re going to be in trouble in a few years. (awesome!) She’ll only be 10 in December.

      She’s passionate about “her” world, I guess.


  1. My aunt recently confided to me that she wanted to throttle her older son since he kept complaining about the younger one breathing ‘HIS’ air on “purpose”. Kids sound really interesting 😉


    1. Hahahaha! Just blame all the smells yours or other, on the dog. That’s what I usually do. It can be a bit embarrassing if the dog isn’t even in the vicinity so always ALWAYS remember to check first. 😉 These lessons are what they should be teaching in school rather than algebra that we never use in life!


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