State of Emergency

So, we’re driving home and our 11-year-old son keeps reporting to us items that are falling over in the back of the car.  After the 3rd comment, dad finally tells  him to stop worrying about what is in back and I pipe in with: “only tell us if there’s a fire or something.”

Before I can even finish my sentence, Gibby responds with: “Or if someone is hiding with a knife?”


Yes.  If ever a person (with a knife) is in our car, please tell us.  Our son is perplexed why we are laughing at his “serious” comment.  I think he must have seen a scene in the Chuckie movie with something like that?

“What’s so funny? OR an emergency, mom.”


If a fire, and a man hiding, with a knife, aren’t alarming, what did he consider to be an emergency?

 “Like an accident. You know, the poop kind.”

My husband stated he couldn’t argue with that reasoning.  To which, our son had to go into further detail.

“Yeah, what if a poop ball falls down your pant leg and into the car and it’s rolling around. I’m not gonna pick it up.”

Yup.  Guess that’s  how our family “rolls.”  A poop emergency trumps dude lying in wait to kill us.  I posted this on Facebook, and my hubby’s aunt replied,

“He’s a true part of our family, Poop is always worse than death!”

By the way:  The comment about the man with knife in back of car, reminded me of the Urban Legend, so we went home and pulled out the movie Urban Legend for our son to watch as one of his Halloween Scary movies.  The first death scene is the person in the back of the car with an ax.  OMG.


5 thoughts on “State of Emergency

    1. well, I’m thinking we’ll keep a container of tooth picks that we can spear said “ball(s)” with – and of course, this will fall under one of mom’s many responsibilities. Okay, where did that poop ball roll to… I’ve actually “been-there-done-that” with my son as a toddler when he discovered he could remove his diaper during naptime. (naptime was poop time)


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