Death by Bubble Gum wad

I can’t believe I accidentally swallowed my gum!


Am I going to die now?

When I was a kid, my aunts and uncles used to tell stories of people that died because huge wads of gum were found balled up in their stomach undigested.

Ack! I’m sitting on the soccer field and slowly dying!  My insides are sticking together to cease all organ functions.  The intestines are blocking.  No poop for me.

I’ll be one big thing of GOO, sticky, icky gooville.


9 thoughts on “Death by Bubble Gum wad

    1. Urban legend?…friend of a friend having stomach pumped?

      What movie is that, where a guy tells a girl to get rid of her gum, and she immediately turns her head and spits it out…and it nearly hits a woman passing by “Hey,!” Was that Pretty Woman?


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    1. It could be. He manifests himself in many ways. Mostly though, he just parks a van with garish advertisements painted on each side that inform your neighbors about the unwholesomeness of your plumbing outside your house and demands money to move it.


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