Sticky situation

4th grade is the year the kids study their state.  Ours being California, one of the many projects is a Topographical map of CA.  They are instructed to use (4) “non-sugar” based substances to differentiate the areas of coastal, mountains, central, and desert regions. (and indicate the states/ocean that border) – no coloring allowed.

a map similar to this

My daughter brings home the blank map, but no instruction sheet.  I inquired if there was something more to give us specifics as to what to do and the due date.

“ohhh, I forgot it at school!”

Of course you did.  Daddy then states, it’s no biggie because we could just refer to her older brother’s map from 4th grade.  We took a picture of it before throwing out, right?  Yes.  But I don’t know where it’s stored on our computer.

I indicated, it couldn’t be that difficult and my daughter replies

“Yeah, we just need things that aren’t sugar and attract ants.”

So thinking of products in our household, I mentioned we could use bits n pieces of cotton balls, sand, seashell and maybe rice.  My son replies:

“Yeah, but not the soft kind, mom. Not cooked. The hard kind.”

Yes, thank you, son.

P.S.  Dang it, and after all that, I forgot to take a picture before she turned it in… the above was an example.  We ended up using crushed seashells and diamond glitter for the coast, spray paint and gold glitter glue for the desert, shaved crayons (mix of red/brown/white) for mountains, and q-tips spray painted green (partial stick colored with brown marker) for central.  It looked pretty.


10 thoughts on “Sticky situation

    1. Darn. You mean… were not living on a crayon landscape? I knew it, I mean, giving how dry its been. So, my wife didn’t have the heart to tell me it was pencil shavings from the pencil sharpeners. Well, have I got news for her then. It’s not a marshmallow world we live in either. There, that’ll show her!

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  1. The 5th graders here had to do maps like that, but for the regions of North America. One kid used gravel for the Rocky Mountains and paper clips for the Coastal Plains. The gravel I thought was fitting. I couldn’t get behind the decision for paper clips, though. But hey, he used what he had and I dig that kind of ingenuity. 🙂


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