Who makes the bed?

Where my Grrrs at?

A question popped in my head today.  “Who makes their beds each morning?”  Seriously, do you make your bed the second you arise?

In the past, one of my male co-worker buddies had told me that his wife’s daily chore is removing theirs, and their (2) boys bedding and washing it daily.  Daily?  Because that’s what her mom taught her to do as a stay-at-home parent…but still?  I was shocked because I had never heard such a thing.  It seems so 1950’s, doing this all while wearing a dress and stockings and then hanging everything on a clothes line.

I remember my mom making an incredibly BIG deal about “making the bed” as one of my childhood chores, each morning before school, it had to be done.  As a teenager, it would be done on some days and others forgotten…but my mom couldn’t stand the site sight of my room (well, it was like a construction site), in general, and typically closed my door…so the unmade bed went unnoticed.  I always wondered if people really did bounce a coin off their made bed like the military. When I was 10, I tried that once and remade the bed several times, and never was successful.

Making the bed each morning seems like a useless activity, as you’re just going to get back in it later…unless of course, you are having guests.  By all means, I take time to make it tidy or adopt my mom’s way of coping, by simply closing the bedroom door.  Unless they are a close friend or family, then who cares.

However, I do draw the line at dirty underwear on the floor…okay, most of the time.  Mine are always in the hamper, but I can’t speak for everyone else in this family.  Of course, they are usually under a ton of other shirts or shorts littered around the place, that they are usually picked up (by me) as I am constantly running a load of laundry before/after work.

Recently, we purchased a new bedspread and some decorative pillows as we are going to sell our condo soon, and want to stage the bedroom nicely.  However, these pillows end up on the floor and we  have no room to move.  Therefore, I have been making the bed lately.  Ugh.  I groan each time I’m pulling up the sheet, blanket, and placing all the pillows nicely to  have to toss off all my pillows again, and pull the sheets down…   It reminded me of the movie, Along Came Polly, where Jennifer Aniston is Ben Stiller’s girlfriend and she gets him to stab the pillows and there are feathers everywhere.  I laughed hysterically.


20 thoughts on “Who makes the bed?

  1. Dirty clothes are not the problem here. Clean clothes fulfill that role, I just don’t put them away, instead I carry a big armful of clothes from the dryer and flop them onto the dresser – and the pile continues to grow, often defying the laws of physics.

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  2. I never make the bed. What’s the point? I’m just gonna sleep in it again tonight anyway. And it’s not like I need to impress anyone during the few hours I’m actually at home in a waking state. Other than me, no one is ever in my bedroom.

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  3. I never make my bed! I don’t even understand why we are supposed to do it. I’m just going to come back and plonk myself on the bed later on and it’s not like I’m going to share it with anyone anytime soon since firstly I stay in the hostel and secondly my dad is a GIGANORMOUS man who’ll probably intimidate even the stray ants that dare to share my bed. :$


    1. I remember chucking the money so that it hit the bed and flew off. (no bouncing up for me to catch it) more like it rolled violently off the bed. Then, I couldn’t find the quarter…and that terrified a 10 year old… because that’s a quarter man!


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