Moving slowly like Frankenstein

On Friday, October 7th- it was WALK or RIDE your bike to school day.  Our school sent home flyers and since we typically drive, we thought it would be a nice family event to walk together for some exercise and discuss crossing the street safely and not cutting through the super market parking lot.

So, the day arrives and I get up and tell my husband to start waking up…he mumbles something and rolls over. He’ll pop up at the last second.

Where are the kids in their routine?  They are usually up by 6:30ish and eating breakfast by 7:15ish with plenty of time. Do you think they are up yet? NOPE. This is the day they sleep in…and are just getting into the showers at 7:20. (school starts at 8:30)

My son (11 years old) is walking and moaning like Frankenstein,

“My legs hurt. I don’t want to walk.”

They had PE the day prior, and his legs were sore from all the running they have been doing to amp up for the jog-a-thon.  However, I’m able to motivate him when he finds out the dog is coming.

My daughter (9 years old) enters shower all pumped, as she was the one that kept asking to walk.  However, her excitement wanes upon exiting the shower, walking around half-naked, looking for the perfect shirt to wear.

“I need something to match this”

When told everything matches her pink skort, and to pick something from her closet, she replies with:

“All I have to wear is white, and it’s see -through.”

Exasperated at this point, I indicate she has a “million” shirts hanging in that closet, not all of them white.  And she could even check the clean clothes in the dryer.  PICK something.  Figure it out.  Well, she didn’t like that response.  She proceeds to sit on floor, still half-dressed, and frowning because I’m not helping her.

Her brother walks out of shower, thankfully dressed (because usually, he’s forgotten something), and stands behind his sister, picks up one of her beaded bracelets from the table, does a chant and shakes the bracelet all around, and above her toweled head, like he’s the Scooby Doo Tiki Witch Doctor.  Then he proceeds to drop it on her head, which bounces off the towel and hits her eye. She screeches at him (and me) and stomps into one bathroom, slamming the door. He laughs, like his job is complete. Dad gets up all irritated by the commotion. At this point, I yell


Finally, a shirt is produced that is acceptable.  Daughter is ready to go quickly, and has dog leashed.  Of course, in the interim, I’ve had to remind my son 10 times to put on socks and shoes and eat quickly and brush teeth, hurry-hurry.

Well, “hurry,” is not a part of my son’s vocabulary.  “Stop rushing me.”

As we are walking out the door, he proceeds to take time for #2.  REALLY?  You couldn’t have sat on the toilet 5 minutes ago instead of playing with the dog?  Since we didn’t want to be late, my daughter and I left. Eventually, the boys were able to catch up halfway to school.  They got to campus exactly 8:30.

I think next year we’ll opt out and pretend we walked.  We can reminisce about last year’s walk.  “Remember when…”


9 thoughts on “Moving slowly like Frankenstein

  1. Oh, the many, many joys of kids. There is nothing wrong with pretending you walked. Hell, after saying it convincingly a few times, you’re sure to convince yourself along the rest of the family! 😉


  2. This reminds me of my school days! Me and my dad likes to take things slow while my mom just goes about shrieking early in the morning. My sister was too ‘cool’ to be bothered enough to pick sides. My mom would wake me up an HOUR earlier than necessary and I would just jump from my bed to my parents’ and get cozy with my dad. When you have a 6’2 HUGE grizzly bear next to you, your mom’s threats about the colourful things she would do if I missed the bus seemed funny! 😀
    I’m glad we didn’t have a ‘walk to school’ day, my mom wouldn’t have survived it. 😛

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  3. oh my gosh…it is sooo hard to get my little one to wake up and get ready…she just lays there…and gets up for a minute…then goes back to bed…the only thing that will get her out is food…well, i guess that runs in the family lol

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