Sometimes I hate being right…

Halloween- Jog A ThonThere  are times I hate being right…See my prior post

Remember  how I posted the other day about my kids’ jog-a-thon?  How this year we were opting out– not participating because I refuse to ask people for money as everything is now “over-the-top” with fundraisers…and typically just give $50.00 for each child myself and be done with it?  However, this year, we don’t have the extra cash- so we took a family development day.

Jog-a-thon 2nd request for pledgesRemember how I said the school requested the “pledge envelopes,” regardless if child was participating or not?  They say this is so they can tally up the “pledges” received and help the students be accountable later for collecting the money after the laps are recorded.  They need to account for all the students.  Really, it’s also a way to “force” the parent to produce some pledges…well, I turned ours in with notes that we would not be participating this year and zeroed out all the totals.  In my blog post, I mentioned that we will probably still receive the envelopes back after last Friday’s event.

Surely enough, damn it if my daughter didn’t bring this home today.  My son said he was given his, as well, but left it at school.  If I complain they are harassing us for $$, they will just say they didn’t see the note because they have over 35 students in the class and just stapled the notice and returned envelopes to the kids.  However, the jog-a-thon coordinator tallied all those pledges before last Friday’s event, then recorded laps done by student, and then they forwarded back to the family to collect the pledges.  Don’t tell me, this isn’t their last effort to make us feel badly and forward money we don’t have.

How much is my credit card bill?

It just pisses me off the pressure you get now-a-days.  They now have your kid ask you too, “Why momma?  Why aren’t we donating?  I’m supposed to bring back something in this envelope.”

Because we don’t have any money to pay our bills and buy groceries, sweetie.



11 thoughts on “Sometimes I hate being right…

  1. We used to have this program called “Dubai cares” which used to bring nightmares to my parents. Being the overachieving kid I was, I always wanted to bring in a “large” amount that would get me these little badges of ‘honour’. They way they manipulate these things isn’t fair. A limo ride with the principal,honour badges? No one should give privileges to those who have a little extra to spare in school itself, it teaches the wrong message to the kids. It’s probably going to be hard to explain it to the children now but they’ll understand it down the lane. :/

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    1. I understand they want to reward those who work hard and it needs to be a “reward” that people want to work hard for…like a cool limo ride and principal luncheon… but yes, when you have a lot of parents that own their own businesses, or work for Google and Google matches their donation total… it makes it so difficult for those of us regular “joes.” that are on a limited/fixed income and don’t really have anyone to ask for $$ (as they are providing for their own kids fundraiser or retired or whatever) – and it’s for the good of the school, great- teach the kids that..but it’s okay to say “no” too.

      And, if this was truly the only time they asked us for $$, then it wouldn’t be such a big deal. However, they are asking for $$ (or product) every week almost. Like we’re supposed to be bringing in socks for Soctober – the ASB is providing socks to the needy. Then we’ll have a coin drive all week- bring in quarters Monday, dimes Tuesday, Nickles Wed., etc. The class that pulls in the most gets a pizza party. 🙂 There will be a Nov/Dec thing. Spring brings Teacher appreciation and school carnival. 🙂

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    2. Geez. I would just homeschool my kids if this is the case but then if that means spending most of my time with little kids that are miniature versions of me with traits of my family scattered, school carnivals sound less scarier! 😛

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  2. Schools don’t get it. Well, actually they do get it—almost all of it. If only we could somehow convince them, that we are their tired, their poor, their huddled masses…you know—ALL AMERICANS, all except the Congress that is…they got what’s left. :O)


    1. So, we should all be forwarding our fundraising requests to congress, and anyone running for office (they raise money… get in office… they should donate to our school, right?) – of course, I guess our fundraising efforts we wouldn’t see any money until the following year or so?


    1. Well, it’s even worse when I was originally very involved when my son was in kinder and 1st (wasn’t working then) and had unemployment checks rolling in so I could volunteer without having to find a job immediately.

      I got to know all these moms and they all know we’ve donated a bunch through the years. So, I’ve told a couple of them what’s going on… and all of them – most are financial well off and don’t understand why someone can’t afford $20.00 bucks whenever asked. Others are on a budget, but still able to produce. They haven’t been “truly” broke and owe tons to the credit card.

      So, it’s also a “social” standing. I can’t fade into anonymous and be forgotten… it’s like, oh they must have just misplaced their check. Send a reminder. 🙂


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