Pythons are scary…

… but the people having them as pets are more frightening.

Keeping with my Halloween themed posts lately… snakes are scary.

I don’t care what “experts on snakes” state.  The constrictor types (boa, python, anaconda) will squeeze the life out of humans and try to swallow them whole if kept in the home with no other prey.  They are not pets.

Vincent recently stopped by my site for the first time.   One of his posts talked of some snakes found in Africa.  Of course, I had to Google the African Rock Python.

Why would you have one of these as a pet with a child in the house?  The African Rock Python’s natural habitat is in AFRICA.  It has no business being here in the US, stuck in a small aquarium.  These things are HUGE, muscled creatures and will, more than likely, try to eat you because there is no other prey in your home.  These things are big enough, strong enough, to eat crocodiles!

Back in 1999,  A 3-year-old was found dead by their pet snake and the parents were in a state of disbelief?  Article here and here.  Snipit from one of the articles:

But he defended their decision to keep the python, which they nicknamed Hisser, in the family home.
“I don’t blame the snake,” he said. “I don’t really believe he tried to stalk my son down.

“He might have got out of the cage and he cuddled up by him.

“I wouldn’t have had a snake in my house if I’d thought it was going to kill my son.”

The couple used to have puppies but got fed-up with their barking and decided on quieter pets.

They put a 26lb exercise weight on top of the aquarium and the mighty python knocked it off and there was no heat lamp, so the snake seeking heat was viable… and I guess it would sit near a warm body, but I don’t think they cuddle.

“It might have gotten out of the cage?” – no IT DID get out of the cage.  It accidentally suffocated your son while cuddling?  No, it squeezed the life out of your son, purposely, and tried to consume the body.  (bite marks found on neck and ears) because that’s what these snakes do.

After reading another article on child related African Rock Python death,  if my kids are ever invited to stay the night in an apartment above an “exotic animals” pet shop, I wouldn’t allow them without first checking to see what animals were being stored below.  Should any escape, I  would want to predetermine if could be a risk to my children.  Those who have studied snakes are skeptical of these boys death, but regardless – the damn snake got out of his aquarium and into the air ducts, slithered in the ceiling to the apartment above and its weight caused it to come crashing down into the living room on the sleeping boys?  Autopsy reported they died by asphyxiation , not by being crushed.  article here.  The pet shop owner did not have a permit and is now facing incarceration.

In fact, I believe only zoos, properly equipped to handle these type of wild life are issued legal permits.  Zoos, that have HUGE aquariums the size of a bedroom with a natural setting, rocks and branches for the snakes to move freely.  No matter how hard they try, they can’t escape their cage.  Those of you keeping one in a small aquarium in your house, they can eventually escape and what other prey exists at 2524 Python Drive?  A snake’s gotta eat or if threatened, protect itself.








10 thoughts on “Pythons are scary…

  1. Holy fuckballs! What the hell are those parents thinking? 😠😣
    I have a small ball python as a pet. He’s NEVER EVER alone with my son, and his tank is locked. He’s also never allowed near our necks, he’s a squeezer… duh, I’m no dummy! If you’re gonna own a pet snake, use your brain! 😩😛


    1. I forgot you had a python! 🙂 (of course, there’s a big difference in size it seems) – The one they had was about 100+ pounds (still young) and the one that fell through the ceiling, well, it was too heavy for the ceiling/piping. What does that tell you?

      You are smart- those dumb people had a party, and the aunts, uncles, and 3 year old were sleeping in the living room next to the snake’s aquarium. When it pressed out, the weight fell off the screen and upon exiting he found the 3 year old. there’s evidence it tried to get it’s mouth around the kid, but I think the snake was still young and the kid too big? (bite marks on neck and ear and saliva on the head)

      As for those Canadian boys (brothers) – how devastating for the mom. They were staying the night at a friend’s, in an apartment above the exotic pet shop. No way in a million years would that strike you has a reason for your children’s death.

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    1. Matt, I happen to agree, unless they take precautions like Melanie. A LOCK because snakes are strong and slippery and can squeeze into tiny holes. And, it can’t be one of this enormous ones that are meant for the wild only. A close friend of mine had a python that was big, but not that big, and we held it together on a loveseat and the snake kept moving toward the cushions and below into the dark into the crevices of the furniture…we had to keep pulling him out. I held him for all of 5 minutes and I was like “Okay, let’s put him back in the cage.”

      We had one in biology class, and “Monty” escaped his cage in the middle of the night and went into a tiny hole in the wall. The only way to get him to come out was by putting a mouse in the room each night and the teacher waited for him to come out of the wall. Funny- I think he should have notified the other classrooms, should the snake had ended up in a class and quietly wrapping itself around a student. 🙂 He knew after 3 days, the snake would be hungry.


    1. Hahahah… and damn que in Samuel Jackson…just popped in my head. There better be no mutha-f’in snakes on no mutha-f’in plane. (hahahah) my sentiments exactly. I can’t believe I forgot to work that phrase into my post! Missed opportunities!


  2. God! Atleast now I know what to get my Grandad for Halloween…My dogs can’t stand him. It also doesn’t help that he harasses them at every chance problem. Maybe he would get along with a python,rant about how society misunderstands them and I don’t know cuddle together? Maybe. 😛

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