Halloween in the news

bee zombieHere’s what’s buzzin’ in the news… Zombie Honey bees…you don’t say.  And yet another reason to run away from these beasties.

Further news, some people have sick sense of humors.

“…Haddon said she puts the dummy face down in a different location of her yard every morning and watches the reactions from passers-by as she drinks her coffee. She says some have attempted CRP and “once they find out it’s a dummy, it’s so hilarious…”

I guess CPR is not performed in October, but CRP.  Scare the “Crap” out of people?  I dunno.

I do like this trend of buying back candy and delivering to our troops.  Our orthodontist is participating in this program.  When the troops say, “Let it rain” – let it be candy instead of bullets.


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