I love Halloween…

…And apparently, so do some other people.

I facebooked this one to my  husband telling him I found his costume for this year.

However, if you have a beer gut, I suppose this is a clever idea.  Especially if you’re a couple of boobs.

It’s a pretty safe bet, he wasn’t moving around much. I’m guessing he watered the grass at some point.

…And this just in…I will never (ever) crave Kool Aid again.


6 thoughts on “I love Halloween…

  1. The first two were actually kind of fun (if you take away the possible misogyny angle of the tampon/Lucky Strike cigarettes), but the last two make it very clear that there are some mental health issues that are not being addressed… 😉


  2. One of the greatest “couples” costumes I’ve seen was where the guy dressed up as an Almond Joy and the girl dressed up as a Mounds bar. ‘Cause Almond Joy’s got nuts. Mounds don’t.


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