Get in Bed!

Simple command, yet clearly has different meanings to each individual.  The THINGS kids will do to prolong bed-time. Dad is traveling this week.  That leaves poor, ol’mom to handle everything. This is what went down last night at 8:00pm.

While my daughter was flossing her teeth, I told my son to call dad (off their kids’ phone) and say goodnight. Samantha FREAKS out, as SHE wanted to be the one to dial his number. (or find him in the contacts)

I told her she could call separately.   Should make everyone happy. Except, she unreasonably wanted to be the FIRST to call, as my son was already leaving a voicemail message.  (Really?)  So I told her tomorrow she could be the first to call. (sigh) Dad ended up  not being available, and they each left their own messages.

Teeth are brushed, Phone call done, get in bed.

Except, my son takes forever to “make his bed” before getting in said bed. He must take tips from the dog.  (Now, before laying down for sleep, scratch at the covers and turn a few times and get the blankets just so.)   He will literally cocoon himself, to the point we can sometimes see his face and sometimes we can’t.  He does this every night, even if it’s a million degrees out, and their room is brightly lit by the moon, no need for light to see what he is doing, yet:

“Wait, wait…don’t turn the light off yet…wait” 

“What are you doing, building a fort? I’m turning the light off now.” 

“No…not yeeeeeet.”

Light off, Good night.

Except, my son has to get down (from loft bed) to turn on his very cool wall light saber “night-light” thingy. This makes the sound of a light saber being turned/on/off. He has had it for a several years now and it’s been long forgotten until just the last 2 nights, something has ignited his interest in the thing again.  By the way, he can easily turn this device on from his bed.  He just used as opportunity to mess with his sister.

GET IN BED.  Goodnight.

Except, then Samantha decided she didn’t like something Gibson said and tries to go into the bathroom to do her famous pouting routine.  However, before she can slam (she in a phase of slamming doors these days) anyway the door, I hold it open and told her to get in bed. She ends up hurting her foot under the door. So, now I’m off to find “boo-boo-piggy.” Get her settled back in bed. Rub her back. Close the door.


Except, seconds later Sam is out with her tablet, she wants to plug it in for charging. Ends up tripping over some of Gib’s Storm trooper gun that comes in several pieces. Actually scrapes her knee to where it bleeds in two spots and FREAKS out. Luckily, I find 1 band-aid (just 1) that actually covers both cuts (because she has used all 100/box supply on playing doctor or having some imaginary ouchies.  I’m constantly finding “used” band aids all over the floor and furniture) I applied boo-boo piggy to foot and boo-boo monkey to knee.

Back in bed.

Except, BEFORE I can close the damn door, Gibson announces he just pulled his tooth out. Are you kidding me?  Can you put it back in? Because I heard a rumor the Tooth Fairy is on strike right now and not Tooth Fairy on strikesure if she can deliver cash. (Crap.) I Tell him to get out of bed and rinse out his mouth and put the tooth in a sandwich bag and tape to his bed post. (easier than the pillow).  He rinses mouth, but then misplaces his tooth and asks me what I did with it. Argues with me that I have it. Finally finds it. We get tape, tape it to bedpost.

GET IN BED… (glad the tooth is out son, go to sleep now)

He clearly left HIS toys on the floor on purpose!  The intent  to inflict pain, was there!

Except, seconds later, he exits room with his tablet that he wants to charge. WTH? As he is looking for a charger, Sam yells from the bedroom (still nursing her knee as if it were broken) and asks him to plug hers in too, because she didn’t remember if she got a chance due to her fall and injury from his toys on the floor.  Apparently, he owes her for this severe injustice.  (My 9-year-old is now an attorney.)  Her whole statement is classic, because everything she owns is on the floor- their room has land mines we all have to avoid.

Instead of assisting his sister, since Gib can’t immediately see the other charger… his solution is to unplug hers (she did plug hers in after all) and take her charger for his tablet. Mom intervenes and ensures all tablets have chargers. (Look, they are right next to each other.) We’ve already had past accusations of someone stealing someone else’s charge and their equipment is left dead. This has started brutal wrestling Wars.  I don’t feel like hosting the next WWF.


30 minutes later, all antics are done. I can still hear the light saber night-light being turned on/off a couple of times, but I think it’s quiet now. I’m going to have to start this nighttime/going to bed routine at 7:30 instead of 8. Ohhh… and that tooth fairy better find something more than a roll of pennies, hope she has her magic wand.


13 thoughts on “Get in Bed!

    1. Hahahahah! hahhahah. I have absolutely no come back (damn it) Unrest, that’s one way to describe it. I think I need to break out the riot gear and tazers this evening. (do you think the cops might frown upon that?) Oh, excuse me officer, this will take just a second.


  1. smiling as I read this, glad someone else hates all the crap that happens at bed time too. Here’s to hoping for less bed time drama 🙂


  2. “Can you put it back in?” Haha! Sounds about right!

    The Tooth Fairy would certainly be entitled to go on strike from time to time, but it seems she’s usually able to pull off a miracle at the last minute.

    Soooo… What did you end up doing?

    (BTW, bedtime is a painful ordeal at my house, too. You are not alone!)}


  3. Back home, I think my mom faced more trouble getting us off our beds rather than in them. There was this phase where I absolutely NEEDED to feel the soft skin on the outside of my mom’s elbow for exactly 10 mins uninterrupted before sleeping. If I wasn’t satisfied with the minutes, I would happily plonk right in between my parents in their bed. By then, my sister and our dogs would decide to join us and we would effectively ruin their nights. It’s not really surprising to anyone that I’m the youngest of the family. 😛


    1. Can I tell you how much I love your stories! Our families would have been best friends growing up… or great neighbors. (since I’m older than you by far) – but these stories like the one about the camera watching you and your sister and that grandpa was on the other side watching your behavior. Classic. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thank you 😀 My parents didn’t really know what they were doing most of the time and the only way they could discipline us monsters was by invoking my grandfather’s name whenever possible. :p It’s so nice of you to remember all those silly stories! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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