The Almighty Staffing Agent

So, has anyone used an “in house” Staffing Agency?  You know, the ones that have reps with an office (or desk) located within their client’s HR department.  They are specifically handling contract/temporary assignments for that company only , and I have found them to be disorganized, or don’t have answers for you or really don’t care about you in the least, as their primary concern is for their client.  The big corporation.

This post is part of a series on my latest temp job.

2 weeks ago, the rep called me about a possible interview for a position at this aerospace engineering company.  She had to call me 5 separate times.  That’s right. 5!

Although the rep was very nice, I wasn’t confident in this staffing agency.  One of the first things in business, be prepared before your phone call.  Know exactly what you are going to ask.  Especially, if staffing people for positions is your JOB.  You should have it down to a science, what info you need to convey and gather.  This was my FIRST inkling of how they operate, what a …

So, I interviewed at 2:00 on Friday, and after I got home, received a call with an offer.  $4.00 less/an hour than what was discussed.  It was contract, of course, but temp-to-perm.  However, there would be over-time.  (Hence the reason for less base pay) grudgingly I said okay.

But, now I needed my unexpired License (as ID), a social security card (that was in the safety deposit), and SAFETY shoes- steel toed.  They would reimburse to $60.00, but they run about $120.00 (for a decent pair that won’t hurt your feet.)  And I needed to fill out the TEMP AGENCY application all before Monday.

I quickly ran to the bank, then luckily there was a shoe store next to me that sold steel toed shoes.  But I had other things going on the weekend and completely forgot to fill out the temp agency application.  (It didn’t matter that I had filled out the company application, provided my resume, 3 letters of recommendation, proof of past temp agency test for Microsoft word, excel, power point, and typing test.)

So, I arrived at 7:00 AM that very next Monday.  The first thing I noticed, they are stuck in this tiny office with (4) desks, one in each corner.  The reps are just hanging out.  Not really doing anything.  At this point, I realized I had forgotten to fill out the Temp application. (Crap.)  Instead of being cool about it, oh you can finish it later…  Nope.  The rep insisted I needed to complete it immediately.  Oddly, they keep no hard copies, and they aren’t able to pull it up on their website.  They have to e-mail it to the consultant, and I had to click the link inside the e-mail… (really?  lame? )  but then,  in the middle of it all…she said never mind and to see her “after” my safety orientation meeting.

After the safety orientation meeting, where I learned how to deal with an Active Shooter, (which I posted about here,)  I told the receptionist that I still needed to complete my new-hire packet before meeting my team.

I was told to see the staffing agent AFTER my shift…after?  After?  No, not on my personal time.  This paperwork is all part of new hire process and first day work.  You get paid.  Now, they are trying to have you do everything on your personal time…at the end of the day, it took 20 minutes of stack after stack of paper. Off the clock.  I finally told them, I HAD TO GO because my kids were home alone.  I still hadn’t completed it all and was told to see them the following day.

The next morning, they tried to pull the “Oh, come see us AFTER your shift…”  shenanigans.  NOPE.  No, I got “Right now,” because I’m not meeting my trainer for another 15 minutes and I have to leave immediately after my shift.  So, if you want this done, it’s gotta be now.

You have to push to not be mistreated.  It’s amazing.


7 thoughts on “The Almighty Staffing Agent

  1. There’s nothing wrong with stepping your foot down (even multiple time) on pesky little things that will try to creep all the way up to your innerwear if you stand too still and let them do so. 😀 I am proud of you!!

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    1. I know silly as it may seem, they had quirks for you doing things “off-the-clock” that took forever and you should have been paid during that time frame. 🙂 I’m sure if they knew you were on the clock, they would be better prepared, and move things along more swiftly.

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