Pop It

woman dancing with can openerSo, we got things packed away as my husband is working on staining our kitchen cabinets.

I’ve struggled trying to locate the can opener. I have rummaged through the box I thought Bill had hidden it in … and to no avail… could not find that sucker the past couple of weeks.

So Monday, I tried again (and gave up), and said No green beans tonight… then the next night I tried again and (after dropping something on my foot, and cursing) gave up and said no peas tonight…

TODAY, I drag that box into the brightest light, FIND the can opener…do a JIG cuz I’m quite excited… grab the can of corn only to realize this one is a POP TOP.

Well, I now have the opener for something else on another day.


7 thoughts on “Pop It

  1. You know, Sandi, it’s so scary how sometimes you and I are so much alike. Of course, with the possible exception of your hair being longer than mine, and your having an hour glass figure, legs, boobs, wearing heels on some occasions, and your face having more feminine features than mine. Otherwise, I think you and I would be identical twins. Hey! Don’t lose that can opener. :O)

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