Captured all on video

So, today was my first day at this new temp job with an aerospace company.

As mentioned last week, I interviewed last Friday at 2pm, drove home, and at 4pm received a phone call that they wanted me to start on Monday.  I agreed, but then FREAKED OUT… because I needed to run to the bank to the safe deposit box to get my social security card (that was required with my unexpired ID for Monday), then they requested I show up with Steel toed shoes. Where the hell do I get those?  Luckily, the Red Wing Brand the HR rep referred me, they had a location down the street.  Ran in there, they told me the “slip on” version was more comfortable than the “tennis shoe” style ones… Yah, they had such variety.  Brown and Black.  I wanted Brown, but they didn’t have any in my size.  So, I got black.  Those are ugly and expensive.   However, I keep telling myself they look like Doc Maartens.  Doc Maartens that I never had, but always wanted.  Luckily, they reimburse up to $60.00, because they cost me $120.00.

So, normally I would have 1st shift (6:15-2:45, 30 minute lunch) awesome!  I’m a morning person, and then I can be home with kids after their school is out at 2:30.  However, today, they asked me to come in at 7:00 am to complete paperwork and get ready for “safety Orientation.”

Great!  Except, my husband is booked with Trade Shows for month of September.  He left Sunday evening, to Colorado, and won’t return until late Thursday evening.  So, I arranged with my friend to pick up my kids for school and drop off at home after school this week.  (Her husband is the one that referred me for the job.)  However, since I had to leave so early, I was very concerned about the kiddos getting up on their own, getting ready, eating breakfast, packing lunch and getting out the door without killing each other before my friend arrived at 8AM.

For the sake of keeping this brief, I will talk about my awful day in another post.  Suffice it to say, I was worried about the kids making it to school in one piece, and back home and doing homework.  I rushed home, and was pleased they only had (30 minutes) of unsupervised time in the afternoon… got them situated, completed another application online that the temp agency needed (never-ending wad of paperwork), kids were starving- started cooking at 4:30 because they couldn’t wait.  As I was attending to their needs, I inquired of my son how the morning was, and if everything went okay?

“Why don’t you install a video camera if you want to know?”

WTH!  Come here and let me spear you with this searing fork that has been in the hot pan and turning over pork chops.  Little shit.  Careful what you ask for…





11 thoughts on “Captured all on video

  1. Ooooooh what a little brat lol! Get a nanny cam and watch them on your cell phone. Then you call them when you see they’re up to no good and tell them that they’re BUSTED! 😘

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  2. Ah. Children. They sure know how to make your heart skip a beat.

    Speaking of which: Is it my imagination, or does that “Don’t worry” sign look likes it’s written in a very disturbing shade of red? Like… Blood Red? :O


  3. Your son is hilarious! He gets that from his mom 😉 My dad told us kids that the wifi router had a built in camera and my grandfather was the one who was at the viewing side. Whenever I wanted to yell at my sister, I would cover the router with my hand and do so. :$ We gave them hell when we found out, eventually so it wasn’t smart to lie about it in the first place! 😀


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