I want Money

We are watching the Wedding Singer this morning.  I am a HUGE 80’s fan.  New Wave/Punk music, I always laugh when I hear something that reminds me of high school days.

So, I laughed, because one of the songs on the movie sound track is the Money (That’s What I want) song. This version was by The Flying Lizards in 1979.  The Whole B52’s like alien “beep” at the end of the song is awesome.

When I Googled, it was surprising to see just how many artists have covered this song.  Basically, every genre of music.  For instance, Great White Glam/Hard Rocked it.  Led Zeppelin put their spin on it.

The original was by Barrett Strong in 1959, and I’ve always liked it as my dad listened to the oldies, but goodies radio station, K-Earth 101.  I grew up dancing and singing to it 2 decades later. Then, you always heard the version by The Beatles, and Rolling Stones, as my mom listened to the Rock station, KLOS.  However, I didn’t really care for these versions.  Apparently, the Doors recorded a cover, but I don’t recall what that sounded like and I can’t find on the internet.   I’m sure I heard it, because my mom was a Doors fan.  I never liked them, so I’m sure I didn’t care for this version either.

Even the current generation is covering this hit, such as Bruno Mars.  It was featured in the movie Josie and the Pussy Cats. (performed by Deborah Kaplan)

I’m curious to see what future bands might make this a hit.




5 thoughts on “I want Money

  1. That’s a good movie, it’s pretty funny. I haven’t seen it in a long time. I have the soundtrack somewhere. I like the songs by David Bowie and The Police. The 80s had a lot of good songs.


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