There will be: No looking and NO thinking

Our 9-year-old daughter, is so difficult.  She has melt-downs like she is 3- years-old, mixed with the snotty ‘ness of a teenager.  Once she starts crying and doesn’t get her way, she is a thorn in everyone’s side.  It’s quite ridiculous.  It’s best to just stop trying to reason with her, or simply stop talking to her.  As any attempt at communication, winds her up all over again.  So, we let it burn out, and then take away privileges, and explain why.

Our 11-year-old son, is a punk.  He can’t help himself.  When his sister gets in one of these moods, he likes to add fuel to that fire so that she is screaming, and literally screeching at some points.  It starts off with comments under his breath.  “You’re such a baby,”  “No, you’re wrong,” “Geeze, why do you gotta cry.”  And he will follow this up with a look or a snigger.  You know he’s making a face like the Rock.

My daughter will then SCREAM, “Stop it!  Stop talking.  Stop Looking at me.”

This scenario happens frequently with me telling the boy, stop looking at your sister.  Keep your comments to yourself.  You’re not helping.  (and the removal of my daughter’s privileges)

Today took the cake.  The typical scenario happened inside the car.  Finally, I told my son,

“Please, stop looking at your sister.  You know what that does.”

“Whaaat, I’m not doing anything.”  (which is code for he so TOTALLY making a face)

“Knock it off.  You’re not helping the situation.”


“Okay, both of you look out your windows.  No one look at each other.  Please stop yelling, honey.  Please stop making faces at your sister.”  

My daughter continues unintelligibly cry-talking about some offense I or her brother have brought against her.  My son replies to me:

” I’m not doing anything.  I’m not looking anywhere.  I got my eyes closed.”

“Don’t close your eyes and think about me!!”

OMG.  Shoot me now.  Please.


18 thoughts on “There will be: No looking and NO thinking

  1. Ooooh shit. That sucks. If it’s any consolation, my one aaaannndd ONLY child, an 11 year old BOY does what your 9 year old GIRL does. And instead of having a sibling to lash out to, he takes it all out on ME. Get your ass home and have a drink! Doctor’s orders! Love you babe! Hang in there! 😘 💋 ❤ 💜 💛 💝

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    1. I have to agree with that statement. because…

      Apparently, the other KNOWS when the other didn’t really “take” a shower, but faked it.

      Or they didn’t really brush their teeth. They did it too fast, they didn’t do it.

      How do you know? Let me be their parent. Worry about yourself. Did you brush and floss yet?


    1. That’s exactly what we do. First it’s 30 minutes of no tablet (give them opportunity to get their emotions under control), next it’s no tablet all day (if they continue), if they are really stubborn, then it escalates to 30 minutes of no t.v. Then no t.v. or tablet all day.

      With my daughter, sometimes she stays up too late and gets up too early, so she’s tired. I’ll make her lay on her bed for an hour with no electronics. That’s a battle! (ugh.) to just calm down and possibly nap.

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    2. You’re a little more lenient than me. I take it away for the day or night and make him go to bed or read. If he’s good after school the next day, I’ll give it back after he finishes his homework. He has to do his homework first though.


  2. Hahaha! I,too went through a slightly different phase! I used to throw tantrums at home if my sister guessed the colour of my underwear right. She would just pretend to look under my frock to annoy me and guess some random colours till she got it right and when she does..Oh boy! I would yell and cry and create a HUGE ruckus. I then would proceed to rapidly change my underwear and then walk around holding the ends of frock firmly against my legs so she wouldn’t be able to see. But then again she would guess some colour..and the whole cycle repeats. My mom reached that point where she would yell “STOP LOOKING AT HER UNDERWEAR! And you, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR STUPID UNDERWEAR!” in public places. Ah! Fun times!


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