Guess who has a job

…yup.  10 minutes after I got home (40 minutes after my interview), they offered me the position.

15 min and then they tow my ass

This aerospace company is growing quickly, so the hiring manager doesn’t really have time to interview.  He told me we had 15 minutes.  So, I was wise, let him do all the talking and didn’t really try to sell myself too much, because I knew he was more concerned with getting to his meeting.  I kind of suspected he had one more interview following mine.  Maybe not.

I might be stuck in “temp hell” again, though let’s hope not.  The title is officially “QA Coordinator,” basically it’s reviewing the work order for a part after it’s been closed.  The work order has to be audited and cleaned up before part ships to the government. What goes into that, I won’t know until I train.

Since I’ve never worked in aerospace prior, I have no idea how large these work orders are individually.  I’m guessing pretty big since he pointed to a stack he had on his desk, “See all the flags sticking out, I have to review those and get resolved.”  And I wasn’t sure if that was (1) work order, or several.  I think it’s the BOM (bill of materials)  🙂

“Well, I have to admit, I’m a little concerned you have no aerospace experience.”

My response went something like:  I didn’t have medical experience before working at the medical device company, no retail/construction & maintenance experience before working at The Home Depot (corporate), no property management experience before working for the HOA, no legal experience before working for various law firms, no experience before working at other various industries, and I was very successful at all of them.  Basically, these administrative, coordinator type jobs really it comes down to being Detail oriented, having mad Organizational skills, remembering to follow-up (calendar items), learning quickly (in general), and have the drive to get it all done, but most importantly, be a team player and the team likes you.

(insert big smile here)

He laughed.  He couldn’t argue.  Really, I wasn’t BSing.  Those skills truly describe me to a “T” and basically what’s needed for all these types of jobs.  That’s why my friend suggested me for the position.  He knows my knack for details and said I’d be in my “wheel house.”

My husband has an aerospace degree and worked in the field (as an intern) for a short period in his early 20’s and was doing something very similar.  He said, at some point, I will become bored because it will be too easy for someone like me.  That makes me feel a tad better, because I am nervous.  What the hells wrongI’m not a technical person, and I don’t want to make my friend regret referring me.  You know?  I have even more pressure to shine now.

So, here are my fears:

  • Not impressing (in general, because I’m a pleaser), but don’t want my friend to look badly for referring me.
  • Being considered an idiot, because I don’t know a damn thing about aerospace  or technical crap (although, I was told I wouldn’t be expected to know technical)- still worry.  There’s that phrase (paraphrase), “It’s okay for people to think you’re an idiot, and another to open your mouth and prove it.”  – something like that.  Debate on where it originated if by  Mark Twain, Abe Lincoln, Maurice Switzer…along that line,  I will be attempting not to speak too much. (key word attempt).  I think I should bring some gum.  When asked a question, just offer them a piece and put another stick in my mouth so they can’t understand me! 🙂
  • I worry that it will be too difficult, and then I worry that it will be too mundane and I don’t relish eventually being “bored.” either.  Though, the manager said there was plenty to do and other various hats to wear.  I perked up at thought.  Yes, typically means more work…but a variety so that you don’t feel like you are going to lose your mind performing the same one task continually.  However, that can mean possible burn-out, as well.
  • Where's the rest of the checkAnd, I worry that the temp agency “low-balled” me and I’m earning less than I did at the medical device company, and driving farther.  BUT, I think they do hire on their people perm employ between 6 months to a year and at a higher rate upon hire. (and there’s a position that actually exists to move into)  There will be approved over-time (so more $$)  but possible burn out…At least, it will look GREAT on my resume.

My resume is awesome.  Huge, well-known companies in their various industries.  When I move, this will be a helpful addition.  Aerospace, medical device mfg, Retail construction/maintenance, HOA, legal, Dental, etc.

But…it stinks going through the learning curve.


17 thoughts on “Guess who has a job

  1. I was inquired of what I was expecting and what I was willing to take. They said if it were a few dollars lower an hour, would that be okay. I said “to start, and eventually, we can revisit the amount.” WELL, they came back even $2.00 LESS than that lower amount. So essentially, it’s $5.00 less an hour. Sucks. But it’s better than Zero dollars and not being able to pay my utilities. However, I have so much experience working for high end companies. I swear, I get raises to get back up where I was 5 years ago and then I’m bumped right back down earning what I did as a receptionist. Answering phones. ACTUALLY, I made more as a receptionist for a law firm. And now, no benefits. (or really sucky ones.)

    Oh, well. This is why we can’t afford Southern CA. It’s too high in rent/mortgage and cost of living, but the big companies use these temp agencies to pay you minimally, not pay you any vacation, benefits, etc. And run you into the ground. You can’t make ends meet and you’re burned out. But… you have to be GRATEFUL. That’s the California way.


    1. Darn. Don’t you hate it when employers do that. First it was our lunches. Used to be we could go out and take a martini lunch and return three hours late non-sober. Then it was the cigarette break. Now it’s our slack breaks. Where will it end! And to think I never smoked on my cigarette breaks, because I don’t smoke!


    2. Oh, they must be referring to that time when I ate a whole case of Pop Rocks on my break, and then polished it off with a case of Coca Cola, and all in ten minutes. I only did it on a dare, because Michaels (up in inventory) said no one could survive Pop Rocks and Coke. But I got my stomach pumped, and I’m doing fine now.

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