Am I seeing double

Double Double – famous In-N-Out burgers.  For years, they were only found in Southern CA.  Then they expanded to Northern CA, Vegas, NV, and parts of AZ.  UT might have them, but not sure.  The Double Double was much too big for me to open wide, but my guy friends had no problem shoving these down and greedily looking at my cheeseburger.  NO.  Mine.  Stay away from my Strawberry shake too.

Double Dutch- fun double jump-rope game.  In 6th grade, I finally mastered running in and jumping with both feet for a several revolutions.  I learned how to twirl the rope, as well.  Could never do the separate feet, hoping, alternating foot thing, though.  I loved watching the championship jumpers on t.v. and the groups that would do tricks.  There’s a National Double Dutch League.  This stuff is AWESOME.  Talk about timing.  My boobs threw my timing off so I had to quit early on…sigh.

Double Dutch Bus– one of my favorite songs from my childhood days.  Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum.  Well, I be darned, here it comes. The Double Dutch bus coming down the street, moving pretty fast, better shuffle my feet.  (chk-chk-chk)  It made me get on the bus, pay my fair, because I knew I was going to a Double Dutch Affair.

Double Mint gum– yummers gum from my childhood days that the commercials were famous because they always had twins on them.  It was always available in the bowling Alley vending machine, where I bought my mom’s cigarettes for her.  Yeah, if you can remember that!  I don’t think the flavor stayed long, but it was better than…

Dubble Bubble- this gum was cheap at the counter of the local 7/11 or Stop-N-go, like a nickel.  Really yummy for 2 seconds.  Then it got ROCK HARD with no flavor, and you couldn’t wait to spit it out before you got lock jaw…often it would end up on the ground then the sun would heat it up and it would goo on someone’s shoe and never, ever come off.  I’d fall asleep with this in my mouth and I had to have my hair cut many times.  Once stuck in your hair, that sucker wasn’t coming out.  Your hair would just get matted around it.

Outside of a double chin, you can see…I like a lot of “double” things…

BUT, this whole duplicate and reposting another’s blog post on WordPress?  Not so much.  Because I think it’s being abused.  I’m scrolling through various newsfeeds.  Primarily “humor,” has the same damn post multiple times.  Various ones, multiple times.  Ugh!  It’s pissing me off.  I’m all for someone typing up a thoughtful blog post, and if someone really wants to share, great!  But this reposting of whatever a zillion times over is getting old quickly.  It reminds me of when people forward those stupid e-mails.  You see fwd fwd fwd fwd fwd dog does jingle bells.

Give me a break bloggers.  I’m beginning to think some people are cleverly marketing their blogs, or getting people to click over to links so they get advertisement royalty.  It wouldn’t be difficult to generate several free WordPress accounts and share the links over and over again?  So it appears everyone is loving it and sharing to entice you to click?

For instance, under humor tag, the first few posts is that Tim Tebow advertisement.  The following Blogs have it posted:  Happy Blog Network, Humer Me, and Fun for All,

Humer Me, Fun for all, Happy Blog Network also posted Legend, a British Classic.  Two stars on the poster.

They all (3) posted on that white parrot, too.

They all contain links for you to click on.

For the first time ever, I reported those blogs as SPAM to WordPress.  And I blocked them.  Two features I’ve never used on WordPress before, and I did today. BAM.  Just like that.  Don’t think I’m not wise to rise in your Levis.  I don’t feel like seeing the same damn thing continually in the same category.


8 thoughts on “Am I seeing double

    1. Well, I started scrolling and realized it was the same (3) blogs. Either it’s the same owner, or friends working in cahoots. I’ve come to the conclusion, it’s definitely, marketing related. I blocked them from my feeds. You might want to look and see if you see Humor Me, Happy Blogger, and the other one. See if you come to the same conclusion. Search for humor posts.

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  1. I don’t know if it’s a bad thing but I never go into the reader. I did when I first started blogging because I thought WordPress was all that existed but then I ventured out into the entire world of blogging and now I rarely open my reader. And now I think you have convinced me that it’s ok ;o)


    1. I like the ease of commenting on sites on WordPress. I don’t really care for any blogs I’ve seen on blogger, etc. And, then when you want to comment, it’s a pain. And I like to hit “follow” for WordPress feed and don’t want outside blogs having to send me a zillion e-mails each time one of them posts. I just want to go to the section I want to read that pops up people’s blogs I’m following. In my older blogger, wiser years, I’m very picky.

      Also, I find, when you actually “subscribe” to other blogs on the internet, they never bother to come visit your site in return. (or rarely)

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