Chocolate Melt-down

Being the Netflix Junkie I am…

I’m sitting this fine Labor Day morning, while my hubby sleeps-in, doing what I do best.  Having coffee and watching some random show.  (Yes, children…  watch your t.v. or play your video games.. leave mommy alone.)

Something new popped on the main board, called Muffin Top: A Love Story.  There’s a scene early in the movie that just made me laugh and laugh.  Being all juiced up over hormones that have been shot into her body to conceive a child, this gal is over-reacting to everything.  Her husband served her divorce papers on her 40th birthday, and she’s at her attorney’s office.  While they are talking about the pre-nuptials she signed, she’s busy blabbering away while desperately searching for something in her purse.

Unsuccessful at finding whatever it is, she begins pulling out tampons, pads, various junk we women keep in our purse.  She’s placing everything on the table while the attorney is trying to convince her not to give up the house, etc.  Finally, she yells out something like:

“I swear to God, I thought I had a left-over M&M in here… or maybe a Hershey’s Kiss left over from Halloween…”

She turns her frustration on the attorney and looks around the huge table and office…

“…you guys should just serve chocolate…have big bowls of M&Ms.”

The attorney responds with, “I don’t get the feeling you’re paying attention.”

She continues on her war path “OR… big bottles of Hersey’s Chocolate Squeeze bottle syrup.  People could do them like shooters.  That would work.  It’s inhumane what you people are doing here, without providing chocolate.”


OMG, I had to watch it like 3x.

As the movie goes on, there are so many great one-liners.  So damn funny.  The scene where she and her friend discuss dating again and the different sex things out there, the definitions.  I’ve been laughing so much it woke my husband.  I restarted so he could watch with me.  Now, we just need a squirt of Hersey Chocolate in our coffees.




12 thoughts on “Chocolate Melt-down

  1. Omg I’m totally gonna watch it! ❤ 👍 I NEED you to live close enough that I can scoot over to your place in my pjs, we can drink coffee in the morning and watch movies like this together! 😘

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  2. YES! We’d yell (nicely) at our children to leave us alone. It’s mom time. OMG, there’s a scene in there, where one of the moms says “Go there. Way away from me, but don’t leave the yard.” Something like that. I laughed and laughed.


  3. Well, now I have to watch it. I have a friend who used to work for Mars Company. Everywhere she went there were huge bowls filled with M&M’s and any other candy the company made. Even in the restrooms! Who ever leaves a job like that? Who?

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