Perfect Set up

Soccer- 1My hubby loves to volunteer for soccer related items.  Anything to do with soccer, he’s your guy.  Our daughter has a Labor Day soccer tournament tomorrow – a total of (3) games.  Since our club is hosting the tournament each team is required to host a field.

We have a lot of the equipment: a nice E-zup (that’s not so easy, but awesome…I just can’t put it up) 2 fold out tables, and 4 chairs- I signed him up for SET UP with his permission.  I’ll be doing team check ins later in the day.

Soccer- 2Well, here’s the thing about field set up…it’s required before anyone can play the games…which means, he has to be at the field by 7am.  Get the fields ready, tables set for team check Ins, etc. for the 8 and 9 o’clock games.

Yeah, he was fine with me signing him up, until a few minutes ago at 9:30 PM. the night before the tournament.  You see, he’s not morning a person…AT ALL.  During the week, he doesn’t get up until 8:00 to drive the kids to school.  On the weekends, he’ll sleep until 9:30/10:00, if I let him.

Soccer- 3Me:  “Hey, hon…you know, I’m going to have to actually set the alarm clock, because you need to be over in the next city by 7am.  Did you already pack the stuff in the car?  Our first game isn’t until 10:30, so I’ll meet you there so I can get Sam ready.”

Him:  “Ummmm.  Wha?  Ummmm. No.  Wait, what time do I have to be there?”

Me:  “7!!!  The first game is at 8.  Since you’re going to wake at the last minute, like you always do, you need to have the car packed tonight…”

Him:  “Who signed me up for that time again?”  

Me:  “Seriously?”

Soccer- 4So, he flops on our bed and looks at the ceiling, where I continue to tell him not to get comfy.  He just left exasperated to go fill up the car…

Him:  “Guess I’ll see you in an hour.”  grumble, grumble, grumble…

Me:  “Don’t forget to ensure our name is on everything.  Love you…”


4 thoughts on “Perfect Set up

  1. OmG- they were KILLED the first game. 5 or 6 to zero. Our girls wouldn’t spread out on the field and when they made good, hard kicks…amazing…but right to a player on the wrong team. oopsy. 2nd game is at 4:45. Hopefully, that won’t be so brutal. 🙂


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