What’s that again?

I’m sorry…what did you say?

I just had a telemarketer call my cell phone. She had a Jamaican accent and was speaking English.


And I could not understand ONE WORD she was saying.

I love the Jamaican accent, but seriously, not ONE WORD.

I asked her to repeat her first sentence. She did a second time, and I still couldn’t make out what she said.

She took my pause… as permission to continue on… then she began to rattle off quickly with a barrage of stuff.

I started laughing because at fast speed, it wasn’t getting any better, but I was fairly certain it was a telemarketing call.  I said “no thank you.” and hung up.

OMG, I hope it was a telemarketer and not some nice neighbor trying to alert me to something.

“Your house is on fire, do you need assistance?” …

…”hahahah, no thank you.”


24 thoughts on “What’s that again?

    1. Makes you wonder why there isn’t some sort of interview process that includes being able to understand someone on the other end of the phone. Don’t you just hate it when you lose out on millions for life because of an accent?..:)

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  1. I hate being on the phone with a telemarketer that doesn’t speak the native language very well. It’s frustrating and annoying and I try not to get upset with the person on the other end because they are just trying to do their job, but usually they get the sound of “click” after one to many times of me say What?


  2. I love the ones that take in a mouthful of marbles and then mumble their script. One called me, and their voice was just an unintelligible, monontonous drone.

    Of course, it was an election year, and that’s what every candidate sounds like to me, anyway.

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  3. Hahaha! Maybe she was offering free tickets to Jamaica? I only get annoyed when the accent is obviously faked. Some people over here speak their native tongue terribly on purpose. It’s supposed to be “cool”. Don’t ask me, I was never ‘cool’ in high school and the trend seems to be continuing in college too! 😛 And their English would have traces of British and American slangs that they include to sound -again, for lack of better word- cool. Humans confuse me.


    1. I have not had the fortune of traveling worldwide- or another country outside of Canada and Mexico. (yes, sigh) Therefore, I could be way off on the accent I was hearing. Not to mention, I have some hearing damage in one ear. It wasn’t like “Yah, mon…pass the dubage.” (clearly those words alone would make them Jamaican right?)

      I’m sure a more worldly person would be like “You’re an idiot.” That was clearly a blah-blah-blah accent. (D’oh)

      Why would people bother faking? And combining American English slang with British slang… how are we going to communicate? I have a South African friend that nannied here in US and then moved to UK. The British slang she uses, half the time, I have no idea what she means. So you take some poor soul talking to the individual who is combining the various slangs…there’s bound to be a communication barrier at some point?

      Oh, bloody hell. Wait. Did that just come out of my mouth?

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    2. Hahaha! I don’t even know how the Jamaican accent sounds like, so I can’t offer any opinions. I think people tend to forget that languages are created to communicate with the other person and not for attempting to sound ‘cool’ by shooting out garbled nonsense intentionally. It took me 3 days to get here thanks to the internet connection here. Add that to the dysfunctional wordpress app and everything is just brilliant! :/

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  4. Oh Sandi, if only you had bought Brad Pitts’ book on, “How to Speak Jamaican Slang like I did in the movie, ‘Meet Joe Black’ but only to Telemarketer’s when they call you from India sounding like they’re from Jamaica” you would have been able to converse in Jamaican with that telemarketer as if it were your mother tongue. Originally you could only get this AS SEEN ON TV instruction book offer for $19.95… but if you act now, “To be or not to be” on this very special WordPress offer, you can have it for only… $9.95. Plus, we’ll throw in two juicers that are not as good as advertised, because no one would buy them for $29.95 on one of our previous infomercials. And, as a special, special bonus if you speak in an Indian accent, we’ll send you a second copy of Brad Pitts book… ABSOLUTELY FREE… because that’s how we roll. So, you’ll get 2 copies of Brad Pitts book, plus 2 juicers that nobody wants, and a telemarketing infomercial in your comment section—which you tried to avoid in the first place—and all for $9.95 plus shipping and handling. Call now, operators are standing by—trying to establish a new Guinness Book of World Records for standing the longest amount of time twiddling their thumbs doing nothing. I’m a non-paid commercial spokesperson. 😀

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    1. Hahahaha! I was TOTALLY thinking of Brad Pitt’s character on Meet Joe Black when he talks to that grandma. Hahahah! That’s been on the movie channel a lot lately. (If someone was on the same page- it would be you!) Funny, I had to rewind /re-listen to what he (and she) said. What did they just say? (back up, back up, play) Nuuuh, still didn’t get it. (back up, back up, play) Oh, shit, let’s just go back to the seen where he’s half naked. And no… I don’t want your crappy juicers…wait, is Brad Pitt selling them and what accent will he be using?


    2. LOL 😀 Damn, nobody wants those juicers! They must be lacking the proper amount of suction. Oh, if only Billy May were still around. He’d be able to do a good (but not great) impersonation of Brad Pitt from Inglorious Bastards. Not that that would sell any juicers—especially these—but at least you’d get to talk to Brad Pitt. Hey, I’ve got it! I look like Brad Pitt! Why, I’m almost the spitten image of Brad.

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