Can you Relate?

For those of you that have been following my posts, and/or my blogging buddies.  (I’ve got a few of you, don’t worry, I won’t call you out on it)

Anyway, those that are already familiar with me, will laugh and make the connection.  As you know, I’m a Netflix junkie.  There was a show that in my mid 20’s I LOVED watching called, Ally McBeal.  Recently, I re-watched all the seasons.  I had never seen the ending.  First of all, she should have ended up with Robert Downey Jr.  (Dang his real life drug/prison problem at that time that forced the network to write him out) or, at least, Jon Bon Jovi.  But that’s another discussion.  And I also worked for a law firm at that time so it was funny.  A co-ed bathroom would NEVER fly in a firm.

Ally McbealOutside of the fabulous characters, I could so relate to how they kept showing us what was going on in Ally’s mind.  THAT’S ME!  I’m playing show scenes, songs, dances- weird scenarios and such in my mind.  All the private thoughts Ally had- I’m the same way. (except no weird uga chakka dancing babies- too bizarre.)  If you haven’t had a chance to watch, it’s pretty entertaining.

Anyway, picture me as they portray Ally’s mind.

Is there any fictional character that you can relate to?

…now, today, I started laughing because I did such an Ally McBeal thing.  I wanted to listen to some music while I’m working (ssssh blogging) and I just have not kept up on the whole various social medias and latest and greatest on the internet.  Outside of Facebook (for close friends and family) and this blog, I’m not really interested.  I’m being forced to learn linkedin a bit.  I know there’s some software we used in the past for music- so I do the next natural thing.  I yelled out to my husband:

“Hey, hon!  I want music.  How do I get music?   I want to listen to some James Taylor.  I know there was something I had spent time using in the past.  Shutterfly?  No, that’s photos..oh Spotify?..pretty fly for a white guy… why or why do I rhyme?”

I started going into random things and dancing around… so the Ally McBeal way.

Can anyone relate? (feeling great, let’s gyrate, wait…no-shaking my head)

Okay, so I kept promising my friend, Trista- I’d do some linky thingy- some day.  As promised, I’m finally trying it today.  So, click her link.  I’ve never done this prior, but from what I read, other bloggers will be linking and gives everyone chance to meet-n-greet and all the treats.  We need some dude bloggers to participate.  Not hating on the ladies, but I know that Trista would like some variety outside of just mommy bloggers.  (although mommy bloggers are awesome- I’m one of them!)  So a shout out to Paul, PaulScott, George, Dan, Gary and Jim.  Hey, Melanie, if you have time…it’s for our girl, Trista.  UPDATE:  for whatever reason the image is not working.  Go to Trista’s website

14 thoughts on “Can you Relate?

  1. This is funny! I have those moments all of the time. I haven’t had one in the last few days but they usually end up with my kids looking at me like I am crazy person. Well I am but they made me that way! I am visiting you from #momsterslink!

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  2. You are so rocking the #bloggerlove! I used to watch Ally McBeal but man I cannot remember a single freaking episode right now lol. That was back in my “other lifestyle” days. You are right we do need more male linkers. There are a couple that link up with me. Thanks for linking up with me FINALLY with #momsterslink.


  3. One of these days, I’ll have to sit down and watch an episode of Ally McBeal.

    Is it just me, or does the word gyrate conjure up disturbing images of Miley Cyrus? Yikes. I think it’s time for another round of drinks. I’ll get right on that…

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    1. Yes, I don’t like what’s on tv now, that much. There are a few drama shows, typically on other networks like USA or something. I hate all the Disney channel tween/teen sitcoms my daughter watches. They are awful and we have to keep telling her that girls don’t talk that way or act that way. Otherwise, no one would like them and that’s not how real life happens, by the way.


  4. I could never get into Ally McBeal but I do remember the clamoring around the show at the time and the dancing baby, that I always found creepy. Glad I found your blog and you can also listen to music on Pandora and Google play.

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