Is this thing on (bang-bang-bang)… hello?

“Why did the cow cross the road?”

“So he can get to the MOOOvies.”

What better way to return to the blogging world than a kids’ joke.  My kiddos brought this one home a few years ago and it instantly became a classic.

Thanks to a couple of blogger friends out there who e-mailed or texted me to see where the heck I’ve been.  I love that you checked on my well-being.  I’m here.  I’m still Moovin’ – still breathing.

However, we’re also preparing to MOOve .  I’m just checkin’ in real quick to give you the overall synopsis.  I’m so damned over whelmed with stuff to do and decisions to be made.  Ha-ha, I might be moving and breathing, but this whole preparing to sell your place makes me want to kill myself.

We met with 1 realtor that wants us to upgrade our bathrooms and a couple of other various items.  People in Orange county think when we say “we have no money,”  that means we can still afford to put $3,000 into the place.  NO.  We have no money.  I guess everyone in our area that claim that, are still sitting on Five grand to work with… that’s not us.

We’re meeting with another realtor this Wed.  So hopefully, he’ll disagree about the upgrading of bathrooms.  I went to Walmart and purchased a cute shower curtain, rug, and matching items to create a “beach” theme, which  already makes the bathroom look more appealing.  I’m hoping “staging” will help mask anything that is undesirable.  Yes, I put that on my credit card.

In addition to all the mess of packing up or donating items (we got to clean up to stage the place,) we now have kids starting school last day of August.  I’ve got to meet with the school pertaining to completing our son’s testing and assessment to see if he qualifies for  504 (IEP) plan at school.  They said they won’t complete everything until October!  Why it takes 60 days (not including summer), is beyond me.  Whatever.  We need the 504 in place, before we move, so we can give that to the next school.  I don’t want to start this whole process all over again!  Once a plan is in place, you have something to work with that can be tweaked/maintained over time as he advances in grades or changes schools even college.

BUT…I really don’t want to move in the middle of “winter” – see in CA, it’s summer year-round.  Flip flops all the time.  However, central OR or Boise, ID- they have snow. (yes, we haven’t yet made up our mind what state we’re relocating to)  I can’t buy winter appropriate clothes for those places at our local Southern CA Walmart or Target.  Our winter clothes are different…as in they still have shorts on the racks.  SOOO… that will be a challenge.

What a situation.  We need to move because we can’t afford to stay, but we can’t afford to move?  What the hell?  We’re going to need a trailer or moving truck (a truck costs about $2,000), we’ll need first and last month’s rent, etc.  MY GAWD… we need me working.  Anyone that has been my blog friend, knows my temp job of 2.5 years didn’t pan out… yup, that’s a post for another day- was supposed to return, but that’s not gonna happen now.

But just how am I to get all this packing done and search for a job, that I don’t intend to keep, but pays enough… cuz I could get a quick part-time job at fast food, but crap, that will only cover some meals…not repairs to carpet that have to be done and costs involved in selling condo, and relocating costs.

And on top of all that, we got some furniture we’re trying to get rid of, but at least make some $$, so my hubby is taking photos and posting on Craig’s list.

I’m losing my mind. Whatever faith you may be – pray for us, or send good Karma our way- talk to the spirits on our behalf. Any assistance, we’ll be greatly needed and appreciated. 🙂



21 thoughts on “Moooovin’

  1. I hear you, Sandi. What a rat race. By the way, I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks myself and today was my first day back as well. I will consult Madam Leota and her crystal ball for guidance. But in all seriousness, I hope your situation gets resolved in satisfactory fashion and soon. I wish I could offer you more than just saying ‘Be diligent’ like (say money), but unfortunately I can’t. But I’m praying for the best for you and your family that your detour into limbo is a short one.

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    1. not yet, but funny you should comment on the air (since we got the whole water shortage going on) – We got used to Boise, ID air quality and when we returned my asthma and my son’s flared up a bit and we had to “readjust” to the Southern CA air. It took about a week and we live in close proximity to the beach! (where the air is better) vs. inland.



    We have so much to catch up on… we need to talk. Like big time. We might move to Idaho next year ourselves! So whether you end up in Oregon or Idaho, you’ll be close by! I’m in Minnesota right now… indefinitely, BUT I will come back eventually lol. I’m so happy that you guys are coming up to my neck of the woods! I’m literally streaming tears of joy right now. You’ve made my day. No joke. God woman, we haveta catch up. Text me when you can. Hopefully I won’t be in with the doc when you do! Love you babe! Xoxoxoxoxo ❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋💋💋M

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    1. Yo- woman, I was going to e-mail you, but really- I can’t right now. In fact, I need to get off the computer because I’m procrastinating. BUT YES AND YEAH and all that stuff in response to your reply, except the Minnesota part. I’m hoping things are improving for you. We’ll catch up. I’ll e-mail or text when I have time. Not sure when I’ll be able to blog next or read/comment on all my blogger pal’s posts. I just wanted to reach out to all of them to let them know I’m here, just have to be gone for a bit. HUGS love and cheers. Talk at ya soon. 🙂

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  3. SAAANNNDDII!! WELCOME BACK 😀 I missed you! Everytime I put on my flip flops I think of you, super creepy but what can you do about it? 😛
    That sounds hectic! Hope your move goes smoothly! You have ample virtual kisses,hugs and prayers hurtling towards you at jet speed! 😀 :*

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    1. OMG- I have missed all of you sooo much. People who don’t blog, and don’t create these friendships- really don’t understand how wonderful the blogging community can be… As soon as I can, I’ll be back on everyone’s boards commenting like crazy! (PS okay to be creepy with me- totally get it)

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    2. Yes,YES! 😀 Take your time! It’s so nice of you to drop in quickly despite crazy schedules! I know I can be creepy with you which is why GET BACK SOON WOMAN! :D(ignore the ‘take your time’ sentence typed earlier..)


  4. Oh!!! Moving is such a pain in the butt, and if (as we experienced about 11 years ago) one has been struggling just to make ends meet, it seems there is no energy(or money) left to summon, to pack up and go. But… our move was the best thing we ever did – but it almost killed us in the process. Hopefully, this move will be just what you need!!!!!!!

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    1. We are hoping! We are in such debt – don’t look at the credit card bill and maybe it will just go away. And yes, it’s surprising just how much the actual, physical part of moving your stuff…you do think over – hmmm, how much to take the old washer/dryer that are perfectly fine and store for a couple of months vs. buying brand new. I was all for brand new, but I think that’s more $$ and after we move – we aren’t going to have cash for extra purchases. hahaha. A true damned if you do / damned if you don’t situation…because we’ll immediately have need to wash our clothes!

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