Traveling Maniacs – Lincoln City, OR- Regatta Park and Taft Historical

2015-07-03A- Regatta Park- play structure

So just before July 4th, we stayed in Lincoln City, OR.  I recently blogged about our cool hotel, and now this post is on just a couple of things we did while in that area.  To read posts about our travels click here

We needed to get the kids out of the hotel, and it was too early for beach fun as it was a tad cool and that ocean water is freezing!  So, we hit Regatta Park.

2015-07-03B- Regatta Park- boat rampIt was surrounded by plenty of trees and a couple of trails.  Down the hill was a boat ramp and swimming area.  Although the swimming area looked interesting, my hubby said the water was kind of grimy.  Yes, there aren’t waves and fresh water coming in… and near the boat ramp, where fuel from boats/personal water crafts are, it remains stagnant.  So, I don’t think we’d have our kids play there.

2015-07-03D- Regatta Park- Sam on tree stumpHowever, the play structure was AWESOME! (see first photo)  The kids played a bit.  Hubby and doggie checked out the trail, which had lots of bugs. Welcome to nature.

We decided to take a photo on this tree stump.  My 9-year-old exclaimed,

“I am the Queen of the whole world!”  

(which looked more like a cheer, ALL HAIL the Queen, woot-woot- backflip / high kick!)

We finally got a photo of the entire group, but originally, this was how this went down and quite a spectacle.  It started with a simple request…

Parents:  Please sit down, both, on the stump and hold the dog for a quick photo.”

Kids reaction:  daughter immediately whines that she has to move over and not sit in the middle.  She doesn’t want to make room for her brother.  Kids squabble over who is going to sit on the right side of the stump vs. the left side of the stump.  They each want what the other wants and it’s a STAND OFF.  They finally squeeze in and son exclaims there’s not enough room for his bottom.  They fight over who is going to physically hold the dog for the photo shoot.  Daughter takes ‘death-grip’ on dog, refusing to give him up.  Mother has to intervene for dog’s safety.  Dad realizes, that shot is just not going to work, and decides to do separate photos of each child sitting on the stump holding the dog by themselves.  When it’s daughter’s turn, son can’t help himself and goes behind to Photo bomb, but then decides on bunny ears, and daughter turns around (already screaming at his close proximity) and then furious over his antics… squeezes/pinches his fingers and screams at him some more.  Son acts like he’s an innocent victim.  And when we yell at both of them to knock it off… he acts as if we took her side.  Our daughter INSISTS we take of a photo of just her, individually with the dog, because we took one of her brother and dog only.  ARGH!

3 photos on tree stump together

SIGH.  Don’t let those smiles fool ya.  A lot went into getting the photo of both kids and dog together in 1 shot and my daughter refused to not hide behind dog.  oh well.  Take what we can get.

2015-07-03I- Taft historical district- Eleanor's undertow- mermaidThen… we headed over to the Taft Historical District.  We discovered this fun restaurant, Eleanor’s Undertow that had “inexpensive” video games.  Old school and we hung out there for a while with the doggie by the opened back door.  So we easily got “around” the whole “no pets inside” policy.  After lunch, we headed to the beach.  2015-07-03J- Taft Historical district- Eleanor's undertow- arcade Gib pinballWe were told we just had to see the sea Lions.  Of course, they are across the ocean on a little piece of land/rock.  You have to pay for the view finder to get a glimpse.  That’s okay, because they are stinky beasts.  And they don’t do a whole lot, so the kids were more fascinated over inserting quarters into view machine and the actual view machine itself.  Yup, those are animals.  What’s next?

photo by: Travel


6 thoughts on “Traveling Maniacs – Lincoln City, OR- Regatta Park and Taft Historical

  1. Hahah! Family photos are always so great. Even with shutter speeds like that we have now(whatever they are now) we can’t seem to take a decent picture all together without fussing about. My dad would have had a coronary if we had to pose for hours for a portrait like they used to back in the days. I’m glad you are having a great time. Those sea lions look..icky! Like squirming worms!

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    1. We are going camping near Boise next week 😀 going to do school shopping while there. It’s not far from us here in Winnemucca, NV. I saw you hadn’t posted anything in awhile so wanted to make sure everything was ok.

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