Traveling Maniacs- Lincoln City, OR – Seahorse Motel

2015-07-03D- Seahorse Inn and staircase- view from beach

My family is taking a long driving trip from Southern, CA to OR, WA, ID and returning home for a couple of days and then off to AZ.  To read our other travel posts, click here.

When I last blogged, we had left Bend, OR and traveled the highway between Sisters, and Detroit and eventually through Salem, OR.  We just drove through Salem as we were on our way to the coast, Lincoln City.  We stayed at the Seahorse Motel, which sits on a hill with an amazing view of the beach below and ocean as far as the eye could see.  We had a HUGE window!

Seahorse Inn- window view

2015-07-03C- Seahorse- beach- flip flopsThe kids couldn’t contain their excitement.  They, and the hubby took off quickly to investigate with the doggie while mom unpacked and organized.  I watched from our room window as the kids ran across the incredibly large beach.  It took them awhile to reach the ocean. My 9-year-old daughter ran the entire time.  I wanted to video it for her soccer coach so he could see her conditioning, as she had to walk stairs and run sand. Our 11-year-old, jogged at a slower pace.  good- exercise!

Braving the water
                   Finally made it – Braving the water

Then dad finally appeared pulling our reluctant Shih Tzu behind him, which that little “shit” immediately rammed its face in the ground and flopped to do a head/body roll back and forth- trying to rub its scent everywhere.

NO, I shouted in the room, sending my husband silent messages to turn around and stop the dog.

2015-07-02D- Seahorse Beach- Ozo

Our pet doesn’t have any experience with sand because our local beaches don’t allow dogs.   Instantly, Ozo stopped because sand was up his nose, in his ears, and eyes!  He kept sneezing, blowing out his nose, and shaking his head trying to remove sand from his snout. Eventually, Bill turned around and discovered the mess, smacked the dirt off Ozo’s nostrils so he could breathe again, (lame dog) and proceeded to coax him into the water.  Yeah, one gentle wave came slowly up and that dog high-tailed it all the way back to the staircase.  We quickly found out, he hates sand and water and had to be showered back in the room.

The bad thing about this beach:

  • large staircase (steep stairs) approx 300 to 600 stairs before reaching the bottom…and worse, coming back up to the motel
Last portion of stair case
                        Last portion of stair case
  • The Ocean temperature is COLD, COLD, Ice cold!  CA beaches aren’t that warm and considered kind of cold…shoot, in OR, your skin actually burns as if being frozen. (my toes were blue with cold)
See, I got wet
                 See, I got wet and that was about it
  • Extensive beach sand to walk before getting to the water.  It’s a trek through thick sand.

2015-07-02F- Seahorse Beach- view of hotels

The great thing about this beach:

  • They allow dogs, so we saw some amazing dogs fetching sticks from the water, etc.  (not our sissy-la-la-dog mind you, but we admired others)
  • They allow fireworks!  So, we stopped at a local stand and purchased a couple  of (non-loud, non-exploding) things.  Pretty flares, and spouts and such, along with various sparklers, snappers, poppers, etc.  Also, in the evening, the sand gets pretty cold and a great way to snuff out hot ends of fireworks, and collect all trash when done.

Seahorse beach- fireworks

  • There was a tide pool on the beach, lower part of sand, where high-tide would fill up the “large some-what sunken hole” and when receded, the kids kind of “swam” in there.  It was shallow, up to the waist and somewhat warmer than the ocean.  However, it was still pretty frickin cold!

2015-07-03H- Seahorse beach- tidepool

I ventured the stair case (refer to first photo on this post) twice in one day. Once to take photos of beach day fun and then again for our personal fireworks a day early.  Anyway,  the idea of steps didn’t seem so bad, until I was physically walking them- and realized just how many steps (like 300 to 600) steep f’rs.  My first time returning to the room, I was the last of our group slowly (and I mean slowly) trudging up the stairs with my fat-out-of-shape-mid-life-body.  I had to stop a couple of times.  (gasping, where is my rescue inhaler!)  My son was 2 sections up and peered down over the concrete wall, offering encouragement:

“Hey, good job mom.  You only have a couple more stair…(paused to look around)… CASES to go!”

2015-07-03W- Seahorse Beach- Gib foot printMy hubby, who stayed with me to offer support (had his phone ready to dial 911, should I have had a heart attack), we both stopped to laugh and laugh. The timing was perfect and our son had not done that intentionally.  Damn, what a work-out… but easier than the miles of beach sand that were treacherous to walk.  I kept sinking like it was snow.  I wanted to say

“OH, SCREW FIREWORKS, I ain’t coming back down here again..or…you guys go ahead and I’ll watch from the window.”

…but I did go…cuz I’m bad ass like that.  Until the next morning, when I cried over my calves and thighs being sore (for the next 2 days!)  This photo below cracks me up, my husband took the shot.  It was very windy and reminds me of that movie about the drag queens, The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.  The scene where the guy gets on top of the roof of the bus and has his silver costume flowing behind him. 2015-07-02J- Gib and Sam with towels


7 thoughts on “Traveling Maniacs- Lincoln City, OR – Seahorse Motel

  1. Gorgeous view, great beach, killer climb. But as Meatloaf sang, two out of three ain’t bad…:) but that’s one nasty climb. Surprised they don’t gave a shuttle running back and forth.

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